Claudia Gray Novel Wins Best Book of 2016, by Force

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Star Wars Bloodline Best Novel 2016

Continuing our series of releases for the Best of 2016 Awards, we now come to the category for Best Novel of 2016. And, boy, did we have a selection of choices in titles and genres!

However, there were three standouts who topped the list, starting with THE CROWN by Keira Cass, which came in third, edged out by BORN A CRIME by Trevor Noah -- both really excellent books and neither one anything at all alike. That's just a taste of the kind of range faced by our readers who voted in this poll.

However, the first place winner, with a decisive 27.78% of all votes tallied, was STAR WARS: BLOODLINE by Claudia Gray. Happening decades after the events of the original STAR WARS trilogy, BLOODLINE follows the story of Leia Organa who struggles to keep a democracy together as a Senator as her fellow dignitaries push for a single leader. Leia's seen first hand what can happen when too much power resides in the hands of a single person, but with the threats bearing down outside the democracy, can she continue to push back against her fellow senators demands -- especially when the singular leader they want to establish is her?

Given the resurgence of the STAR WARS movie franchise, one can hardly be surprised the the popularity naturally spills over into the STAR WARS book line. Congratulations to Claudia Gray for penning an excellent story with a strong female heroine who does all her own rescuing, thank you very much. And may the Force be with you!