WrestlePro News and Predictions for March 11 Show

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First off, let's start with the big news!  Mario Bokara, Fallah Bahh, and Kevin Matthews all made their debut at Impact tapings last weekend.  

And this led to Matthews being offered a 2-year contract. Congratulations to all three of these talented performers. They (along with many of the WrestlePro roster) deserve a much bigger platform to show what they can do.  

This weekend, WrestlePro has another huge show in the Rahway Rec Center.  That is basically home base for WrestlePro, so this should be a hot show.  `The theme of the night seems to be closure.  Bowens vs Wayward, Pat Buck and company Vs Dan Maff’s crew, and Habib Vs CPA are all matches that will represent some kind of ending for long running storylines.

Author Note: After we posted this, they announced that Tommy Dreamer is out with injury, and his match with Chris Payne is rescheduled for WrestlePro's show at WrestleCon in Orlando in a few weeks.  Chris Payne will be fighting Craven Varro instead, and the three-way match will now be Fallah Bahh Vs Niko Rikos Vs Buster Jackson.

Ladder match for WrestlePro Title - Anthony Bowens (c) vs Bobby Wayward

Bowens and Wayward started out as teammates in The Untouchables, and they have been at each other's throats ever since.  Wayward is a total heat magnet.  When you see him, you want to hate him.  And Bowens is just the opposite.  Something about his look and charm, you can’t help but want to see him overcome the odds and win. They are just a perfect parallel, and their wrestling styles compliment each other brilliantly. Throw in a ladder and you are going to have one hell of a match here. Hell, if there is any justice in the world, someday you may be seeing footage of this match on a WWE Documentary about these two.  

Who wins?  Hard to say. But, I am going to go with Bowens holding on to the title after a hell of a match that will push both guys to their limit.

Prediction: Anthony Bowens

Pat Buck, Kevin Matthews, and Mario Bokara Vs Da Hit Squad and Homicide

I really hope someone notified the Rahway police about this match.  Throwing Mario Bokara into the mix makes an already volatile situation into something nuclear.  Maff and company have been tearing a path of destruction through WrestlePro. This isn’t going to be a wrestling match, it’s going to be a war.  There aren’t going to be any winners in this one...just survivors.  

Hopefully after this match, Maff will finally get a legit shot at the WrestlePro title.  That is what started this whole mess in the first place.  

Prediction: Pure carnage

CPA Vs Habib (last match in their best of 5 series)

This has been a real fun series of matches.  CPA and Habib match up real well together.  Typically when I see guys wrestle each other over and over again, I start to drift a bit, but they always bring something new to the table.  

In my heart, I really want to go with CPA, but I think Habib takes this one.  Habib should be back in the title picture soon, and winning this series would put him in a great place moving forward.  

Prediction: Habib

Joey Ryan Vs Beefcake Charlie

Beefcake Charlie is so great for a guy his size.  His moonsault is a thing of absolute beauty.  Joey Ryan is one of the biggest attractions in wrestling.  Wherever he shows up, he makes news, so expect to see more of that in this match.

Beefcake is one of my family’s favorite wrestlers, but I think Joey Ryan will likely win.  

Prediction: Joey Ryan

Tag Team Gauntlet for WrestlePro Tag Titles- Massage NV Vs Beach Bums Vs Amazing Graysons Vs Team Espana Vs Heavenly Bodies (c)

I usually don’t like Gauntlet matches, but the teams in this mix should make it entertaining.  Amazing Graysons and Beach Bums are two strong up and coming teams in WrestlePro.  Massage NV add just the perfect blend of talent and creepiness.  And The Heavenly Bodies are great heel champs with their despicable manager (sorry, Eddie!).

At Starland, Team Espanikos claimed the Trios Titles.  I see Coach D continuing to lead his boys to WrestlePro gold with Team Espana picking up the win here.  Bowens better watch his back, he’s next!

Prediction: Team Espana

Shark Boy Vs Matt Macintosh

Macintosh continues to lead his war against gimmick wrestlers, with Shark Boy stepping into the ring.  I haven’t seen Shark Boy wrestle in years! As a proud member of the Apple Corps, I am going with Macintosh here. Macintosh is another guy who is likely to returning to the title scene soon; he was the first WrestlePro champion after all.  

Prediction: Matt Macintosh

Tommy Dreamer Vs Chris Payne

You don’t often think of Chris Payne as hardcore, but he had some vicious matches with Brian Myers two years ago.  Expect to see more of THAT Chris Payne in this match. Tommy Dreamer still puts on a crazy show every time he’s in the ring, but he will likely be putting Chris Payne over.  Payne is another guy who has a huge career ahead of him!

Prediction: Chris Payne

Fallah Bahh Vs Nikos Rikos Vs Craven Varro

This match seems kind of random, but three of my favorite WrestlePro talents, so I’ll take it.  The whole card is pretty stacked, but I think it’s very possible this match could steal the show if they let these guys cut loose.  You have three very different styles here, and all three of these guys have shown they go.  

It’s always hard to go against Fallah, but I am picking Craven to win this one, likely pinning Nikos Rikos.  

Prediction: Craven

Delroy Vs Alex Reynolds

Both of these guys are coming off terrific matches at Starland Ballroom.  This is one of those matches that I didn’t even realize I wanted to see until it was announced.  This should be a great match that is going to surprise a lot of people.  I can see either of these guys winning, but after Alex Reynolds had a huge win over Macintosh and Joey Janela, he’s got a lot of momentum here.  

Prediction: Alex Reynolds

Dirty and Durable Vs Taboo Crew

This should be a great showcase featuring two real talented teams.  The winner here needs to be considered the number 1 contender for the WrestlePro tag titles.  Dirty and Durable are definitely on the rise, and I expect they will probably win this one in a controversial fashion.  

By the way, check out their great promo from a few weeks ago.  This made me a real fan of these guys.

Prediction: Dirty and Durable