Ninjago Season Six More Than You Could Wish For

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The Ninja have dealt with ghosts before. Shoot, one of their own is a ghost! So when one of their old enemies, Clouse, returns from the dead (since the Ninja masters have destroyed the Cursed Realm), they assume it's going to be an easy catch. What they didn't plan on was Clouse finding an enchanted teapot which he knew to house a djinn that could grant him three wishes.

Unfortunately for Clouse -- and soon everyone else -- the djinn, Nadakhan, knew how to twist words if you weren't extremely specific, so that your third and final wish was always to wish it all away. That's the wish that would trap you in his sword forever.

Once freed from his prison, Nadakhan looks to reassemble his old pirate crew together. But to do that, he has to have the Ninja out of his way. So he goes on a crime spree, disguising himself as the different Ninja along the way so that the public turns against them and puts them in prison. Then he's able to bring his crew members back from the different realms so they can get back to plundering.

When they visit Nadakhan's home realm of Djinnjago, he finds his homeland in crumbling ruins -- a necessary cosmic balancing act caused by the Ninja's destruction of the Dark Realm. He vows vengeance on the Ninja for this, and plans to recreate Djinnjago out of Ninjago. As pieces of Ninjago are ripped from the ground to form a floating country, Nadakhan visits each of the Ninja separately, tricking them into using wishes until he has captured them, leaving only Jay and Nya free to fight.

Making matters more dire, Nya looks exactly like Nadakhan's lost love, Delara. Nadakhan plans to wed Nya and claim his natural right as the last Djinn King. Because while he can only grant wishes to others for now, when he gets married he gets infinite wishes for himself! Jay must put together a new team of ninja to stop the wedding, save Nya, and put Nadakhan out of business for good!

This sixth season of NINJAGO has quite a bit of action and high drama in it. Yes, there's still a lot of humor that's at a kid level, but I was surprised by how much more there was to it than that. This was a compelling story that grabs the viewer. If you're a grown-up watching this through -- because you've simply got to find out how it ends!

4.0 / 5.0