Rumor Mill: Man of Steel's Henry Cavill Has Found Hal Jordan

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Has Kal found Hal? If you enjoy a good conspiracy then we've got a juicy one for you!

File this one under EXTREME SPECULATION but given the clues, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Henry Cavill being spotted in a gym with Nathan Fillion could mean more than just a random encounter. On February 28th, Henry Cavill posted a couple of interesting pictures to his Instagram account:

His dog, 'Kal', staring out the window with an interesting caption:

Kal looking for Hal #GreenLantern #Kal

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Then, shortly thereafter, another picture of himself standing in front of a window with a statue of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) behind the glass:

Other Kal looking for Hal #GreenLantern #Kal

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Naturally this got the internet excited...what does it all mean? They couldn't just be random pics out of pure boredom. It HAS to mean something...doesn't it? Fast forward to today when on Twitter, it was posted that Henry Cavill and Nathan Fillion were both at the same gym, working out.

Why is that relevant? One of Nathan's many voice acting credits include the voice of Hal Jordan in the animated movies JUSTICE LEAGUE: THRONE OF ATLANTIS, JUSTICE LEAGUE: FLASHPOINT PARADOX, JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM and GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS. Nathan Fillion is no slouch when it comes to live action TV and movies as well. Could he be hitting up the gym with Superman himself in a push to get in shape for the role of Hal Jordan?

He's played a flyboy in the past with his Joss Whedon directed cult hit, FIREFLY and then in the follow-up movie: SERENITY. His wit is on par with the character and many would say he'd be a perfect fit for the role. Especially if rumors of DC and Warner Bros looking to 'lighten up' the tone of the movie-verse.

What do you think? Is the search for our next Green Lantern finally over?