WWE Superstars Go Galactic in New Jetsons Original Movie

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Jetsons and WWE Robo WrestleMania

Nothing is going to stop Big Show from taking the WWE belt from Sheamus! And if that means he has to pilot a puddle jumper from Denver to Albuquerque in a blizzard, against the advice of Mr. McMahon, then so be it!

Unfortunately for Big Show, his plane goes down in the ice, and he remains frozen for 100 years, until he's found by George Jetson on a special assignment for Mr. Spacely. Once properly thawed, Big Show is astounded at the world he's awakened to, with all its robots, buttons, flying cars and talking dogs. But he's still intent on becoming the WWE Champion -- even if WWE has been changed to World Wrobot (the 'W' is silent) Entertainment, where robotic doppelgangers of past WWE Superstars do all the wrestling.

Overcoming the current robot champion is no challenge for the biggest guy on the planet. And in a world where every other human has grown complacent and pampered because robots do all the work (WALL-E, anybody?), it doesn't take long to go from taking over the ring to taking over Orbit City!

Fleeing from Big Show's reprogrammed destroyer robots, George let's Elroy employ his Science Fair theories on time travel so they can go back to the past when there were other "big people" who might stand up to Big Show. This flings the family back 100 years to the day, where they come face to face with Alicia Fox, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Sheamus, Jey and Jimmy Uso, Dolph Ziggler, and Mr. McMahon himself (all voicing their own parts)! But how will George get anyone to believe he's from the future? Would you believe by winning the heavyweight title from Sheamus? You have to see this pile-on to believe it!

It's an unlikely team-up, and yet Hanna-Barbera makes it work! Watching Sheamus and Big Show face off, even in animated form, is done in an exciting way that retains the WWE flavor while still acknowledging that it's all happening in a silly cartoon universe against a panorama of floating billboards and suction elevators. And having a whole gaggle of WWE Superstars rallying behind George to defeat Big Show's robots serves to inspire all the other inhabitants of Orbit City to, as World Wrobot Entertainment CEO, Mr. McMoon, puts it, "Get off their buttons and reach for the stars!"

THE JETSONS & WWE: ROBO-WRESTLEMANIA includes several nice bonus features, including "Welcome to Orbit City" where the WWE superstars are interviewed about the world of THE JETSONS, "The Dangers of Button-Pushing" where the superstars talk about being active and exercising, and "THE JETSONS: My Favorite Memories of the Future" where the stars discuss being on the show and what they remember from it as kids.

This release also includes three classic episodes from THE JETSONS -- "Rosie the Robot," "Jetson's Nite Out," and "The Coming of Astro."


4.0 / 5.0