WrestlePro Orlando Preview

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If you are in Orlando for Wrestlemania weekend, two things:

  1. I am extremely jealous of you.

  2. Don’t miss the WrestlePro show at WrestleCon!  Thursday Night, March 30 8:30 PM at the Wyndham Orlando Resort 8001 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819. Tickets available right now!  First row already sold out.  And it looks like when I am posting this story, there is only one seat left in the second row.

So, why WrestlePro?  Where have you been???  I’ve been talking about the greatness of WrestlePro literally since day one.  Pat Buck has put together a terrific promotion, and the talent deserves to be seen on a bigger stage.  In fact, Kevin Matthews was just signed to Impact Wrestling contracts, and a few others have appeared on Impact, NXT and WWE television in recent months.  You will be seeing more of these guys in the very near future.

On top of the strong WrestlePro roster, the card features some of the top names in independent wrestling.  Joey Ryan, Ryback, Colt Cabana, Grado, Swoggle, Cody and Brandi Rhodes, Brian Cage, Tommy Dreamer, Bull James, and the Blue World Order will all be wrestling at the show.  

Personally, if I had to pick one show to watch in Orlando, it would be this one (and that is including WrestleMania)! 

Here is the card (my picks for winners are in bold).

  • WrestlePro Title: Bobby Wayward (c) Vs Anthony Bowens Vs Matt Macintosh Vs Sonjay Dutt
  • Ryback vs Colt Cabana
  • GFW: Nex-Gen Title Cody Rhodes (c) Vs Brian Cage
  • WrestlePro Tag Titles: Heavenly Bodies (c) Vs Da Hit Squad
  • Fallah Bahh Vs Jeff Cobb
  • Grado Vs Swoggle
  • Kevin Matthews, Pat Buck, and Mario Bokara Vs The Blue World Order
  • The Taboo Crew (Craig Steele & Jenkins) w/ Gino Gotz and Vanity vs Team Espana w/Coach D vs The Apple Corps (Lamorte & Feinstein)
  • Nikos Rikos vs Delroy vs CPA vs Buster Jackson vs Beefcake Charlie vs Shawn Donovan
  • Bull James Vs Chris Avery Queling
  • Tommy Dreamer Vs Chris Payne
  • DDT Pro Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship: Brandi Rhodes Vs Joey Ryan (c)

Before I wrap up, quick shout out to The Taboo Crew (I am actually typing this at work wearing my Taboo Crew hoodie).  At the last WrestlePro show, I had picked against The Taboo Crew, and after the show, Big Deal Craig Steele teased me about it.  Total mark-out moment whenever any of the WrestlePro guys tell me they read my predictions columns.  So, while I usually always pick Coach D's boys, I had to go with Taboo Crew this time.  Sorry, Coach!  I am still your number one fan and a proud minion!

After I published this article, they announced that the Brandi Rhodes Vs Joey Ryan match would be for the (deep breath): DDT Pro Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship.  If you don't know about the DDT Pro Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship, you need to check out it's Wiki page.  It's a title that must be defended 24-7, and it has had over 1200 different reigns, including inflatable dolls, buses, children, and on and on.  I actually expect the whole WrestlePro may get involved in the scramble for this title, so expect them to be added to the absurd legacy of this title!