Subtle as a Spring Shower: April Bombshell Momma Kawaii

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April 2017 Bombshell Momma Kawaii as Yui from Diabolik Lovers

When participating in the fandom of cosplay -- particularly when you're participating in it from the vantage of a spectator -- it's easy to get caught up in the intricate props, the ostentatious costuming, the unreal weaponry and accoutrements.

But cosplay can include far more subtle aspects. Not every worthwhile character out there requires all the baggage that serves as their calling card; not every anime girl is defined by her accessories and not every superhero boy is defined by the size of his sword.

As subtle as a spring rain comes our April Bombshell, Momma Kawaii, a cosplayer who can do as much with just her eyes as many do with a whole garage full of flexible foam and reams of fabric. Whether portraying Yui from DIABOLIK LOVERS (left) or Noodle from GORILLAZ (below), Momma Kawaii is the definition of "less is more."

Critical Blast Bombshell, April 2017

Momma Kawaii

Interest in Cosplay: The reason I do cosplay is because I get to step outside of the real world. I get to become someone else, with these fantasy problems and amazing abilities and friends. Then all of my current problems just fade away.
Introduction to Cosplay: My introduction to the cosplay experience was going on six years ago. I was in Junior High and I had recently lost some friends and gained new ones. They talked about these shows called anime, and they introduced me to one named SOUL EATER. They then invited me to a cosplay party, and thats when I cosplayed Soul from SOUL EATER! This is definitely where I got hooked on it! I couldn't stop, and from there my cosplay has branched ever since.
Secret Identity: Outside of cosplay, I am a student attempting to get her Engineering Degree, because that is also a great passion of mine: innovating and inventing things so this world can progress.
Social Activities: I sometimes do birthday parties dressed up as Disney princesses. I've done Ariel, and it was so much fun. I plan on getting in touch with some charity events in order to do this more often and make even more people smile.
Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? In recent years I have been making more of my costumes. But some of my cosplay is bought simply because I think that costume cannot be done by me yet, because I have not yet aquired the skill to do so. But bought cosplay and made cosplay is no different: cosplay is cosplay, and we are all dressing up as our beloved characters, and here to have fun!
Favorite Cosplay: Rukia Kuchiki from BLEACH is a definite. She is just so much fun to be, with her sassy attitude and comical drawings and her love for bunnies. She reminds me of myself, so I just love getting to be her.
Instagram: MommaKawaii
Twitter: @MommaKawaii
Facebook: @MommaKawaii
YouTube: MommaKawaii

Momma Kawaii's visual interpretation of Noodle from Gorillaz