Wizard World St. Louis Attracts Cosplayers (Even Those Who Don't Cosplay Harley Quinn!)

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Gotham City on display at Wizard World St. Louis 2017

Wizard World St. Louis was the weekend place to be to find fan art, celebrity signatures, fantasy weaponry, iconic vehicles, and sundry other geeky goodies. But it didn't put the slightest strain on your wallet to enjoy the free show that was brought to the Dome at America's Center by the attendees who took advantage of the event to show off their talents at transmogrification, bringing to life some of our favorite comic book, animation, video game and television characters. It's all part of the phenomenon known as cosplay -- a portmanteau word of 'costume' and 'play' -- and it's serious business for a lot of the attendees. This isn't a pair of red shorts and a bathtowel tied around your neck and calling yourself "Superman." Utilizing body paint, plaster casting, rubber molding, rivets, stitchery, and every other manufacturing method available, cosplayers pull out all the stops to make their characters look as off-the-page and out-of-the-screen as possible.

Here's a bit of what you missed if you didn't attend.

Disney Princesses could be found if you knew where to look. Here we have representations of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.
From the DC Comics BOMBSHELL series, it's the Bat Girl!
Atten-SHUN! Captain Marvel on deck! That's Ashe Lynn Cosplay with a stunning costume portrayal. (Look for our video interview with her later, dressed as White Phoenix!)
He is the terror that flaps in the night! Darkwing Duck!
From Hell's Kitchen to Downtown St. Louis -- Daredevil, the Man Without Fear!
Is it Rorpool? Deadschach? Hurmmm...
Allon-sy! When the Doctor tells his companion not to scream, we really hope she listens!
If watching the CW has taught me anything, it's that wherever there's one Flash...
...there's another one. And he's usually faster.
With two Flashes on hand, how could we NOT try to recreate a classic scene?
The gemstones in this Infinity Gauntlet actually light up. We hope that's as much as this thing actually works!
Catwoman has finally found a Joker and Penguin she can get along with.
The best (and mostly worst) of Gotham City, assembled in one place.
There's a certain Mystique to this mystery cosplayer...
First cosplayer to the right, and straight on until morning!
Launching from the center of the convention floor, it's Dave Stevens' classic Rocketeer!
Have no fear! It's your Amiable Neighbourhood Spider-Gent, at your service!
The Visitors are here. (Should anyone tell them the others left the planet in the 80s?)
Rooster Teeth people take note: This is an X-Ray and Vav we would LOVE to watch!

And to finish things out, we leave you with this hilarious video from the Thousand Faces of Cosplay. These two really got into their roles from BORDERLANDS!