Be A Star, Wonder Woman! Teaches Pre-Schoolers Girl Power

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Be A Star, Wonder Woman! by Michael Dahl and Omar Lozano

Continuing the project of using DC Superheroes as object lessons for young readers such as BEDTIME FOR BATMAN and GOOD MORNING, SUPERMAN, author Michael Dahl delivers an example for young girls with BE A STAR, WONDER WOMAN!

With delightful illustrations from Omar Lozano, BE A STAR, WONDER WOMAN! focues on a young Hispanic girl facing the challenges of her school day while, in parallel, Wonder Woman takes on the challenges of a fight between two monsters controlled by her foe, Circe. Readers will learn the lessons of peacemaking and bravery, while being shown that it's okay to ask for help from your friends when its needed (making way for a cameo appearance from Supergirl, Batgirl and Bumblebee in Wonder Woman's adventure).

With the impending WONDER WOMAN film garnering more and more anticipation, and the DC SUPERHERO GIRLS phenomenon continuing to gain momentum, BE A STAR, WONDER WOMAN! couldn't have had a more fortuitous time to hit the shelves. I'm hoping that just because Dahl has now worked his way through the DC Trinity that this won't be the end of his brilliant use of the company's characters. I know I'd love to see more from him -- perhaps a Batgirl focused piece to encourage young girls to enter STEM fields?

5.0 / 5.0