Marvel Universe Felt All You Need for Making Cute Super Heroes

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Marvel Universe Felt project book

Oh, Aimee Ray. You have such confidence in my cutting, stitching, and stuffing talents where I know there is none. Nevertheless, your project kit, MARVEL UNIVERSE FELT, appeals to me.

This boxed kit contains nearly everything you need to complete ten projects, each producing a huggable hero. Using the templates and the sheets of colored felt, you can cut out the pieces for Iron Man, Falcon, Rocket Raccoon (ohhhh yeahhh), Black Widow, Hulk, She-Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange -- presented in increasing order of difficulty. The kit also provides the stuffing and sewing floss, as well as instructions so simplistically presented that even I could follow them! All you need to bring is your scissors, your needle, and your willingness to take on the projects.

The instruction manual is precise, telling you exactly what kind of stitch and knot to use to make your hero look just like the one in the picture. And all those stitches and knots (and there really aren't that many) are shown in easy-to-follow detail. And the really nice thing is that, because it doesn't use pre-printed felt sheets but rather uses heavy-stock templates, once you've completed a project you can just trot on over to your favorite hobby store, pick up more felt, and make another one. Why have a Spider-Man when you can have an entire Spider-verse at your handy, crafty fingertips, right?

This kit is just the thing for the artistic comic book geek -- or, if your like me, for the more talented spouse of a comic book geek. It's also a great teaching tool for young kids; we're using it for art projects in our home school room, as the subject matter helps attract the boy toward learning how to get some stitching knowledge into his noggin! And that is a real marvel!

5.0 / 5.0