AIMS Encounters the Rogue Team Leader, and You Won't Believe Who It Is!

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Mountain Monsters Black Wolf

The AIMS team has been challenged by the Rogue Team to return to the Dark Forest and capture the Woman of the Woods -- a legend who, among her other talents, can mimic anyone else's voice. She's out there with the Raven Mocker (another Bigfoot) and now apparently also with the Black Wolf, who has made its presence known. According to Shawnee folklore, the Black Wolf arrives to escort a departed soul to the afterlife.

And guess who's Shawnee? AIMS team member, Jeff, the one who's been acting out of character and suffering the recurring nosebleeds. The team tries to keep this particular bit of information about the Black Wolf from Jeff, but all that does is irritate him, especially as they send him away time and again so they can talk about him. They've been worried about him ever since he was mind controlled by the Woman of the Woods, and then found in the forest with a little girl running away from the scene. (I think we've seen this before -- certainly Buck has. [Cherokee Devil])

When the team -- minus Trapper and Jeff -- find another medicine circle in the woods, complete with a rabbit carcass hanging in it, they take it as a sign to leave the area and promptly do so. I'm beginning to think the Woman of the Woods must be the Blair Witch, becuase she certainly loves her vine art. The next day, Buck and Huckleberry bring Jeff to shed information on their find, and he's less than cooperative. In fact, he's downright surly, which is understandable given how he's been treated by the team even if it is for his own safety.

Fights continue to break out between Jeff and the team members, specifically Buck. When Buck and Huck catch Jeff in a lie, they decide it's time to stop hunting for the Woman of the Woods, and start hunting Jeff. Joined by Will and Wild Bill, they stalk Jeff's farmhouse -- which apparently isn't all that far from the Dark Forest. And here I thought the team was having to make some big road trips for these investigations when they're apparently right in their own back yard.

Following Jeff leads the AIMS team into a confrontation with the person Jeff is meeting. And it's someone you'll recognize from the very first episode of the very first season of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS! Is this the leader of the Rogue Team? Or is the Woman of the Woods not just a mimic of voices but of faces -- is she, perhaps, a skinwalker?

Tune in for all the action this Saturday, April 29 at 10/9c on Destination America to see where MOUNTAIN MONSTERS is going.