Enter to Win All Four ANGST Novels signed by David J. Pedersen

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Angst Contest with Logo

When the hero gets his calling, he has no choice but to answer it and commence to adventuring.

But it's not that easy when the calling comes after the hero is in his forties. That's the dilemma of Angst, the hero of David J. Pedersen's fantasy series chronicling "a midlife crisis in medieval times."

Now you have a shot at winning the first four books in the series, autographed by Pedersen. All you have to do is...

...well, why don't we just let David's Dangerous Muses explain what you've got to do. Watch the video below for instructions.

Take it away, ladies!

(It's also a good idea to be aware of our Rules and Regulations for giveaways, in case they apply to you.)

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