Canine Soldier Returns to Duty in Family Adventure MAX 2: WHITE HOUSE HERO

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Max 2 - White House Hero

When we first met Max, he was washing out of the military with PTSD after having saved several lives in the Middle East. But with the help of the family of his former master, he pulled through and became a hero.

In MAX 2: WHITE HOUSE HERO, Max is called into duty with the Secret Service when the current canine member is on maternity leave. He quickly befriends TJ (ZANE AUSTIN), first son of President Bennett (RIVERDALE's LOCHLYN MUNRO). TJ has been feeling alienated by his status as a protected child, and Max is the only friend he has, much to the chagrin of his Secret Service detail handler, who would rather Max be focused on security.

The friendship blossoms at a crucial time, as the President is preparing to meet with the Russian leader, President Vladmir Bragov (ANDREW KAVADAS, SUPERBOOK). The President is also bringing his daughter, Alex (FRANCESCA CAPALDI, DOG WITH A BLOG, THE PEANUTS MOVIE). Forced to interact at first, TJ and Alex soon find themselves the victims of an attempted kidnapping, which sets off a series of misadventures as the two kids find ways to outwit the Secret Service and follow a number of false leads until they accidentally blunder into the real plot to disrupt peace talks between the Unitd States and Russia.

Also starring BRADLEY STRYKER (THE LIZZIE BORDEN CHRONICLES), CARRIE GENZEL, and KATHRYN KIRKPATRICK, this Dove Approved for All Ages movie has its share of silly moments, and often one has to suspend their disbelief off a cliff -- but only if you're a grown-up. For kids, this will be an edge-of-your-seat spy thriller, with heroes they can all look up to, and an optimistic outlook on what foreign relations could be if they were only looked at more simply.

4.0 / 5.0