DC Super Hero Girls Score Big in Intergalactic Games

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DC Super Hero Girls return in their latest direct-to-video movie for a friendly competition that aims to bring peace throughout the galaxy.

Brought to you by Warner Bros. Animation, INTERGALACTIC GAMES features a ton of characters who come from all across the DC Universe. Coming together for a friendly competition, the three schools (Super Hero High, Korugar Academy and the Apocalypse School) participate in a variety of olympic-style games to win a coveted trophy.

One that Korugar Academy has always won.

The movie starts off immediately with an action sequence, as a cafe in Metropolis gets broken into while Supergirl is in the middle of her training. Using her super hearing, she saves the shop owner (Steve Trevor) while Batgirl and Bumblebee also rush into action. They are soon joined by Starfire, The Flash, and Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman takes a phone call in the middle of the first fight. Her mother is concerned about whether or not Diana is studying. Wonder Woman hopes to be included in an all-important peace council, but she has a lot to prove before she can be accepted.

There are a lot of fun moments in this movie that will make it enjoyable for both kids and adults. Cyborg’s patented “BOOYAH!” to Starfire’s silly, but charming, commentary (ie: when she gets cut she exclaims, “I’m oozing my life goop!”), helps to keep this animated adventure light-hearted.

There are heroes, villains, and villains that become heroes. Which is a big part of the overarching theme, according to writer Shea Fontana. In an interview, with Critical Blast, Fontana explained, “No one is born a villain, and we can all choose to do the right thing on a daily basis”. INTERGALACTIC GAMES shows how anyone can be a hero through their choices.

Fontana (who has also written webisodes and comic books for DC Super Hero Girls) is very good at delivering powerful messages to today’s youth. Her stories offer important lessons gift-wrapped in a ball of animated fun. When asked how she approaches this, Fontana said: “We’re not talking down to kids, just sharing ideas that we really believe are true and inspiring”.

DC Super Hero Girls provides young children with the opportunity to love the same characters we do, in a format suitable for their age group. In a world where PG-13 superhero movies are becoming the norm, Warner Bros Animation consistently delivers age appropriate content. “We want kids to see themselves represented in the hero population, and understand that your age can’t keep you from being heroic”, Fontana said.

While DC Super Hero Girls focuses on the females, there is plenty of male representation to be had. You can find Steve Trevor, Lobo, Sinestro, The Flash, Cyborg, Beast Boy and more! Speaking of Beast Boy, his quick wit is on par with what we’ve seen in the past with the original TEEN TITANS cartoon.

If you’ve been watching CW’s SUPERGIRL, you’ll know that Lena Luthor has become a big part of Supergirl’s story but her role in INTERGALACTIC GAMES is less ambiguous, as she’s clearly a villain here. While you may find her ‘Kryptomites’ adorable, they’re very mischievous (food fight)!

And, as one would expect, they’re hazardous to Supergirl’s health!

As the Apocalypse School is less interested in winning the games as they are to plunder and teach Big Barda a lesson, Lena’s sole plan is to take down Super Hero High. Meanwhile, the girls do everything they can to stop one evil deed after another, all while trying to win the games! And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a reveal near the end when we learn that someone is pulling Lena’s strings.

You won’t believe who it is!

We won’t spoil it for you. You’ll have to pick up the movie and find out for yourself.

DC’s SUPER HERO GIRLS: INTERGALACTIC GAMES is now available on DVD. Accompanying the movie, among other special features, is the animated music video "That's My Girl" featuring the talented pop group, Fifth Harmony! It’s an adventure that you’ll want to enjoy with the young ones in your life, as it provides over an hour of superhero action, while teaching kids that anyone can be a hero.

The choice is up to you!

Catch the full interview with writer Shea Fontana here! We discuss a range of topics from DC Super Hero Girls to her upcoming run on Wonder Woman.