WrestlePro Predictions for June 10 show in Keyport, NJ

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WrestlePro is going to be at St. Joe’s Church in Keyport, NJ this Saturday.  There are more matches to be announced (I will likely be adding to this as we get closer to show time), and Hardcore Holly and Fake News Bennett (FKA Bad News Barrett) will also be at this show!  It’s going to be a big one!  You also get to see hometown hero (and huge friend of this column) Coach Dylan Stiffwood make his triumphant return to Keyport!

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Pat Buck Vs Dan Maff in Maff’s Madness match

The feud between Danny Maff and Pat Buck has been by far the best story in wrestling the last several months. Not “one of the best.”  Not “best in the indys.” BEST IN WRESTLING. PERIOD. It all started with Maff getting screwed during a title match with Bobby Wayward.  Since then, Maff has been on a rampage and no one in WrestlePro has been safe.  Owner Pat Buck has done everything he can to try and stop this, including already facing off Maff and the Evil Family in several brutal matches.  We’ve seen everything from tables and the ring getting smashed to a poor ring girl get demolished.  Watching these two former brothers go to these lengths to try and hurt each other has produced amazing matches (and a lot of stress for audience members who are fans of both these awesome men).

This match is going to be a war.  Maff promised to “Kill Pat Buck or die trying.”   Pat Buck is one tough bastard, but Maff is terrifying.  This match isn’t going to have any winners...just survivors.  At the end of the day, I think Pat will technically win the match...but he’s going to have to go through hell to get there.

Prediction: Pat Buck

Beefcake vs Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorne really impressed me when I saw him wrestle Bull James last year.  I had never really seen him as Mordecai (that was when I wasn’t watching wrestling), but he cut a entertaining promo before and after the match, and put on a real great match too.  Definitely glad to see him back in the WrestlePro ring.  

Beefcake has a great character and is really good in the ring.  Very impressive for a big guy, and his moonsault is a thing of...well beauty is probably not the right word.  His match with Joey Ryan a few months ago was one of my favorite matches for the year, especially in terms of sheer entertainment.  Not sure what to expect from this one, but I think it’s going to be the sleeper match of the night.  I am picking Thorn to win it.

Prediction: Kevin Thorn

Fallah Bahh Vs CAQ

Chris Avery Queling has been a force of nature since his WrestlePro debut.  No one is left standing when he comes through the ring.  Pitting him against big bad Fallah Bahh is genius booking.  

At this point, I think CAQ is heading towards a big title run in the very near future.  This is going to be a hard fought match, but I think CAQ will end up taking the win here.

Prediction: CAQ

Anthony Bowens Vs Brian Cage

This is a dream match I didn’t even know I wanted until I saw it booked.  If there is any justice in the world, Anthony Bowens is going to be a fast-rising star in the wrestling business.  He’s got the look, the personality, and he’s just gangbusters in the ring.  Every match he shows me something I’ve never seen before. Last month, he fought in a gauntlet match, and won each fall with a different impressive looking finishing move.  

When I first saw Brian Cage, I thought, “generic muscle guy.”  But then I watched him wrestle and immediately fell in love. There is no one in wrestling who mixes speed, strength, and agility like Cage does.  This should be a great match.  

Bowens has been having a rough time the last few months thanks to Bobby Wayward, CAQ, and Job Security.  I think he wins this one.

Prediction: Bowens

FBI Vs Taboo Crew

I have always loved the FBI!  Those guys managed to make that gimmick work in ECW, WWE, and TNA!  And even though it’s June, I am sitting here in my freezing office wearing my Taboo Crew hoodie with pride.   I popped huge when WrestlePro announced this match.

A few months ago, I had picked against Taboo Crew and got teased by Big Deal Craig Steele after they won the match about not having faith in them .  I try not to repeat my mistakes, so picking Taboo Crew here.  But without a doubt, I am expecting this match will be the most entertaining match of the night!

Prediction: Taboo Crew

Number 1 Contender’s Match For WrestlePro Tag Titles: Heavenly Bodies Vs Apple Corps

I am a fan of both these teams, but I am #AppleCorps4Life, so I can’t pick against Matt Macintosh and Valerio LaMorte.  Besides, they have been long feuding with the current tag champs, Habib and CPA, so it just makes sense.

That said, both these teams are great in the ring and know how to work a crowd.  It’s rare you see two heel tag teams against each other, so this match could really be something special.

Prediction: Apple Corps, bitch!

More to come