The Juice is Loose! O.J. Simpson Makes Parole

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O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing 2017

Nearly ten years after going to prison for attempted robbery, Orenthal James Simpson has been granted parole. But don't go lining up for autographs just yet. The beleagured football star / film actor has to wait until October 1, at the earliest, before he can set foot on the sunny side of those prison walls.

The 70 year old who who was a running back for the Buffalo Bills and who comically portrayed Nordberg in the POLICE SQUAD! films will likely always be remembered for his role as a suspect in the murders of his wife, Nicole Simpson, and her associate Ronald Goldman, a case that obsessed American culture and engulfed media outlets for much of 1994 as the courtroom drama unfolded with phrases like, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

But it was a Las Vegas robbery that ultimately sent Simpson to prison, when he caught wind of some of his personal -- and allegedly stolen -- personal property being sold off. Simpson gathered some men together and burst into the hotel room where the items were being displayed, and took them back. Had he simply called the police rather than taken the law into his own hands, the last ten years would have gone very differently for him. Instead, he was arrested and charged with robbery.

"I was always a good guy," Simpson told the parole board at his hearing today, "but could have been a better Christian, and my commitment to change is to be a better Christian."

Simpson also states he took an Alternative to Violence course while in prison, which he called "the most important course anybody in this prison can take, because it teaches you how to deal with conflict through conversation."