By the Light of Charlottesville, Keith Olbermann Still Can't See His Own Racism

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Olbermann v Omarosa

These are sad and strange times we are living in. As the forces of unpatriotic fascism clash with the forces of unpatriotic fascism (and no, that is not a typographical error), resulting in a woman's death in Charlottesville, VA, people are lining up to take sides and throw blame.

Meanwhile, in the Twittersphere, the self-righteous lose their sense of self-awareness as they tweet from the safety of their keyboards. The most egregious instance of this occurred over the weekend when vlog-warrior Keith Olbermann, host of GQ Magazine's political web show, The Resistance, took issue with Omarosa Manigault, former contestant on Donald Trump's THE APPRENTICE reality show and current political aide in President Trump's administration.

Apparently not liking Omarosa's response to a question, the former sports analyst sent out the following tweet:


Yes, the very same day that people are talking about the human sewage of white supremacy, Keith Olbermann refers to a black woman as a pet.

What could he have possibly meant by that? Let's ask Google.

Given that Omarosa is a person, she must grammatically be a noun. So we can rule out the definitions for the adjective and verb forms of 'pet.' That leaves... Hmm... "a domestic or tamed animal..." That's how Olbermann sees a black female?

Racism's not a good look on you, Keith. Maybe you should exercise more "resistance" at the keyboard.