Predictions for WrestlePro's September 9 show in Rahway, NJ

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WrestlePro is back at the Rahway Rec Center for a huge show on Saturday September 9th.  The card is shaping up to be awesome.  You can get your tickets at

I did notice that there is no WrestlePro title match on the card.  Guess that coward Bobby Wayward is taking the night off.  I am still predicting that someday real soon Bobby Wayward is going to be losing that title to his “friend” Chris Avery Queling.  There is only so much crap CAQ is going to be able to take before he snaps and gets that gold he so righteously deserves.

One quick thing before I get to my predictions.  WrestlePro owner Pat Buck announced that this will be his 100th show that he has promoted since March 2012.  Pat Buck is one of my favorite people in wrestling.  He runs a great company and a top-notch wrestling school.  His podcast with Ryback (Conversation with the Big Guy) is not only entertaining, but it has also been life-changing for me with the terrific workout and nutrition tips. Pat is also one hell of performer in his own right when he gets in the ring.   I will be proudly wearing my “I’m a Pat Buck Guy” shirt on Saturday.  Congratulations to Pat, and I wish you nothing but further success in the future.

Steel Cage Match: Pat Buck Vs Dan Maff

All those nice things I just said aside, after running through the Bayonne Badass woodchipper, Pat Buck might not make it to promote show 101…  Fighting Maff once is crazy...and Pat has done it several times over the last few months.

This feud started last summer when Bobby Wayward cheated to get a win over Maff.  Maff has been on a rampage ever since, and Pat Buck has been doing everything possible to stop him.  Last time they faced off, we even saw Pat slam Maff down onto a bed of cinderblocks.  This feud has been intense, and hands down, the best feud in wrestling for the last year or so. These are two men who are masters at their craft and willing to put everything on the line time and time again for the audiences.  I have nothing but love and respect for both of them.

My prediction is Maff manages to win this one, but neither Pat nor Maff comes out of this one unscathed.  

Prediction: Dan Maff

Colt Cabana Vs Bobby Lashley

Boom Boom Vs Walking Armageddon!  This one should be explosive. (I am so sorry for that pun)

Cabana is always entertaining in the ring, but Lashley is just a beast.  Colt will get a few cool moves in, and he may even manage to make Lashley look foolish for a few minutes.  But, I don’t see him taking down the big man.

Prediction: Bobby Lashley

Ryback Vs AR Fox

I haven’t seen AR Fox before, but Ryback has put him over big a few times on his Podcast, so I am really hyped for this match.  

I think Ryback gets the win here.  He has been out of the ring for a few months now, and it’s time for him to start rebuilding that reputation as a killing machine.  

Prediction: Ryback

Tommy Dreamer Vs Joey Janela

I am stealing this line from our friend Gino Gotz because I thought it was dead on, “Tommy Dreamer passes the Hardcore torch to Joey Janela.”  This should be one hell of a match.

Tommy Dreamer has long been the "The Innovator of Violence” but Joey Janela is the new generation of crazy.   If you haven’t seen the short documentary “Please Don’t Die, Joey Janela” definitely check it out.  It’s a real eye opener.

This is another match that is going to leave its mark on both competitors.  Joey Janela will get the win, but it will come with a hefty price tag.

Prediction: Joey Janela

WrestlePro Tag Team Title Match - Apple Corps Vs Habib/CPA

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen Matt Macintosh with gold around his waist.  Habib and CPA are very entertaining, but I am Apple Corps 4 Life!  Time to put those two goofballs back in their place for good.  ::Salutes::

Prediction: Apple Corps

Heavenly Bodies Vs Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara

While they have teamed up in a few places, including Impact Wrestling, I think this is the first time Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara have teamed in WrestlePro.  The Heavenly Bodies are great in the ring, but I think I have to give the edge here to the two big men.  Mostly because I don’t think my daughter would ever forgive me if I picked against her two favorite wrestlers.

I am hoping that we get to see a rematch in Impact Wrestling very soon!

Not directly related to the match, but the image they posted for this match would make a hell of a poster!

Prediction: Bahh/Bokara

KM vs Johnny Clash

Call me delusional, but I think Johnny Clash is about to start a huge winning streak, and it starts with Kevin Matthews.  Now, I know that Johnny Clash has not won a match in his entire WrestlePro career.  And he’s announced his retirement more than Terry Funk.  

On the other side of the ring, Kevin Matthews is big, strong and a hell of an athlete.  The Ego Driver is just about the most brutal move in wrestling.  He’s also making a huge name for himself in Impact Wrestling.   There is pretty much no reason in the world for me to think Johnny Clash could ever possibly win this match.

But I am still picking Johnny Clash!

Prediction: Johnny Clash

Pre-Show: MCW's Joey Keys vs Chris Payne vs Delroy vs Talon

This should be a hot opening match.  I don’t know Joey Keys, just that he is from MCW, and the wrestlers I’ve gotten to see from MCW have all been pretty talented.  Chris Payne, Delroy, and Talon I’ve seen many times at WrestlePro shows, and they always put on a good show.  This one is really up for grabs, but I think I have to give the edge to Chris Payne.  

Prediction: Chris Payne