WWE Sends out Survey about "Premium Content From Network"

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I received an interesting email from WWE this afternoon asking if I would be interested in a survey about "premium content" for the WWE Network.   There was nothing in the survey that said it was confidential, so I decided to share it.  Some really interesting ideas here, including audio content, and even content from RoH, TNA, and NJPW.  I suspect most of this is just a red herring, but I still thought it was interesting enough to share.  I am terrified by the idea of original dramas and comedies from WWE...

For the record, I am happy with my $10 a month, but I rarely get to watch the network.  If they raised the price much, I am not sure I would still be a subscriber.  BUT, this all seems optional.

WWE is considering adding new programming to WWE Network as part of a premium priced tier.  Listed below are some potential new programming ideas. Please let us know how interested you are in each of the ideas. Select whether you are extremely, very, moderately, somewhat or not at all interested in each of the ideas.

  • Other Promotions: Historic and new programming from Historic and new programming from ICW, PROGRESS, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, or other regional Indie promotions
  • New Reality Shows: Reality shows featuring life on the road for WWE Superstars, an insider’s view of WWE Superstars’ intense training and workout regimens, WWE Superstar “Cribs”, WWE-style “Apprentice” to win a job at WWE, or WWE Legends’ House Season 2 – Attitude Era    
  • Original Scripted Dramas: Wrestling-themed series inspired by wrestling’s colorful and rich history such as WWE’s version of Game of Thrones
  • TNA: Historic and new programming from TNA / Impact / Global Force Wrestling
  • Audio Channel: A section of WWE Network for “listening only” that provides audio play-by-play of pay-per-views, music playlists, “sports radio” style call-in shows and podcasts      
  • Ring of Honor: Historic and new programming from Ring of Honor
  • Special Live Events: Special one-time live events from unique locations around the world featuring an unexpected main event
  • TV-14 In-Ring Show: A “new” weekly version of ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) or other “edgy” new promotion rated TV-14  
  • Tournaments: New in-ring tournaments such as a Pro Am style tournament (WWE vs. NXT), a Lucha tournament, a tag team tournament, or King / Queen of the Ring tournaments
  • House Shows: For the first time ever, get a live, ringside view of select WWE house shows
  • Local Tournaments: Tournaments that take place in your home country featuring local talent similar to the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament which took place in England this year    
  • Original Scripted Comedies: Comedies such as WWE Superstar Roasts, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, or WWE’s version of “The Office”
  • WWE “Director’s Cut”: Shows that put a new twist on classic content such as WWE Legends narrating historic pay-per-views or current WWE Superstars providing their perspective and analysis of classic matches and events

WWE is considering special features that may be available to WWE Network as part of a premium priced tier.  Listed below are some potential new features ideas.  Please let us know if you are extremely, very, moderately, somewhat or not at all interested in each of the ideas.

  • Ratings / Comment System:  Ability to “rate” shows or matches (e.g. 0 – 5 stars), add comments, or mark “favorite” moments
  • Social Viewing:  Set up a “movie theater mode” to watch virtually with friends or participate in a live event on Facebook where you can chat with other fans
  • Alternate Audio: Choose your favorite pay-per-view commentator team - for instance, you can hear “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Jerry Lawler call a live pay-per-view
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality:  The ability to watch current or historic WWE content in a way that makes it seem as if you are actually sitting ringside and experiencing an event, such as WrestleMania, live and in person, using special computer generated effects and equipment like a headset
  • Alternate Viewing Options:  The ability to watch WWE in-ring shows using alternate camera choices (e.g. gorilla cam, drone cam, Go-Pro camera), 360 views or select higher or lower resolution options
  • Social Sharing: Ability to share playlists, clips, or favorites on social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Personalization: Ability to create custom playlists and change the look and feel of your WWE Network interface with options that represent your favorite WWE Era and Superstars
  • Download To Go:  Ability to download content and watch “offline”

WWE is also considering special benefits and perks that would be offered as part of a WWE Network premium priced tier.  Listed below are some potential new ideas for subscriber perks.  Please let us know if you are extremely, very, moderately, somewhat or not at all interested in each of the ideas.

  • Free Shipping:  Free shipping on WWEshop.com orders
  • Monthly “inside WWE Headquarters” Conference Call:  Ability to listen in to a conference call with WWE executives such as Triple H or Stephanie McMahon
  • Loyalty Program: Get rewards such as t-shirts, collectibles and ticket upgrades using loyalty points earned from the length of time you have been a WWE Network premium subscriber or your time spent viewing
  • Early Access to New Merchandise:  Exclusive early access to new WWE merchandise on WWEShop.com, such as T-shirts and hats, before it goes on sale to the public
  • Early Access to Live Event Tickets:  Exclusive early access to live event tickets before going on sale to the public
  • Sweepstakes Entries:  Automatic sweepstakes entry to win WWE event tickets, VIP meet-ups, merchandise, or unique WWE experiences such as a chance to appear on a Network show
  • Preferred Pricing:  Special offers for WWE VIP events and products including Meet & Greet discount packages and special offers on products from WWE sponsors  
  • Get Breaking News First:  Be the first to receive WWE breaking news, before it’s posted on social media, WWE.com or shared with other outlets
  • Fan Voting:  Special opportunities to vote on match participants, Hall of Fame inductees, Slammys winner, or other WWE events