LEGO Enters the Real World to Teach Kids About Farms

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In the world beyond the brick, LEGO has established itself as a place of creativity, fun, and humor. Now they're taking things a step beyond with their line of books for young readers, "LEGO Adventure in the Real World."

FARM is designated as a Level 1 reader, which translates to a market of K-1st graders, but don't expect this to be a 5-word-per-page standard kid reader. Each page is packed with photographs of farm life, overlaid with cartoon LEGO images cracking wise with traditional LEGO style humor.

The book does more than introduce youngsters to farm animals. It explains at the basic level the daily routines and machinery necessary to run a successful farm, and shows how the many different kinds of farms are important to so many aspects of our lives beyond the dinner table.

The margins include some LEGO cartoon strips as well as challenges to build some of the items described on that page, extending the life of the reading experience from a few moments to a few hours of interactive creativity and learning. As a bonus, there's also a sheet of LEGO minifigure and vehicle stickers to create your own farming scene.

If there's a little master builder in your life who loves to read, or needs encouragement to do so, this item is a perfect gift.

4.5 / 5.0