The "Ultimate" Roblox Book?

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Ultimate Roblox Book

Judging a book by its cover, David Jagneaux's THE ULTIMATE ROBLOX BOOK: AN UNOFFICIAL GUIDE is visually appealing. The hard, glossy binding; bold title font, pictures, use of color, compact size, and thickness are all a huge win. You could picture this book sitting on your desk, picking it up, fanning the pages, perusing its large font, clear graphics, screenshots, explanations, bullets, and continuous use of the top seller banner throughout. Stunning to say the least.

The title of the book, at first glance, also grabs your attention. Using a power word like ULTIMATE would seem to indicate all users, at any level, would not only benefit from reading it, but that it would offer immense value. What should an ultimate guide contain? Beginning 101 account creation? How to create games? How to script? Advance power user techniques? Examples? And much more! But does it accomplish its objective, or is it just another gimmick to lure an easily persuaded gift-giver? 

I initially asked my 11-year-old son to read--yes, actually read-- the book and follow its instructions. He has been playing ROBLOX for years, and is quite familiar with the basics, such as account creation, navigation, joining games, playing games, etc. He grew bored with it very easily; he learned nothing new, although he was expecting and hoping an Ultimate Guide would teach him a secret tip or scarcely known fact. But he was able to follow the instructions listed, and agreed it was very thorough (and dry) in its explanations.

Continuing on to the next chapters (the real content) captured his attention. He really started to enjoy the simple explanations and concise instructions, and started to learn more about building, designing, creating, and scripting. The comparison of creating in the sandbox to actually learning a computer programming language interested him--but only for a short period of time.

While the outline, layout, descriptions, content, graphics, and overall look and feel are fabulous, it really is just another guide to ROBLOX. To its credit, including all these elements in a single books is its huge selling point. There are probably beginning noobs that want to learn these concepts taught so well. But, ultimately, the title should be ROBLOX FOR DUMMIES or IDIOT'S GUIDE TO ROBLOX. It describes to a third grader how to do create, design, script, and build, but lacks any significant value to veteran players who can use YouTube to accomplish everything this book outlines. Loved the eye candy, but it lacks flavor.

3.5 / 5.0