And God Created Superheroes: Brian Bradley and The Anointed 7

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The Anointed 7

One of the greatest things about an event like Wizard World is that no matter how many times you've been to a convention, there's always going to be someone new doing something new.

Such was the case when I bumped into Brian Bradley, president of Kingdom Comics and publisher of THE ANOINTED 7, a superhero team that's a combination of JUSTICE LEAGUE meets LEFT BEHIND. It's supernatural evil opposed by supernal good, as no less an entity than God Himself intervenes through human emissaries granted superhuman powers, like Samson but in four-color action.

To get the full scoop on The Anointed 7, we spoke with Brian to find out exactly who these people were, and what kind of world it is they inhabit.

Who are the Anointed 7?

The Anointed 7 are a group of seven individuals who have been anointed by God, with the purpose of standing against Lord Christopher and his violently aggressive new world order. They are a super-powered fighting force.

  • Seth is a former super-soldier who once led an elite team of commandos. His team tracked down and killed Christians. Similar to the apostle Paul, Jesus appeared to him and he was converted. When the anointing is on him, he manifests the color blue.
  • Axel is a former assasin for hire. He was later converted. He is the color purple.
  • Rhema is the daughter of the original leader of the team, Simeon, who recently died. She was young and very naive when the group began. She has since matured and is a leader in her own right. She is the color yellow.
  • Mayumi is a former weapons expert. She is Korean, and is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant. She has mechanically enhanced arms which were implanted against her will. She is very skilled with a staff. She is the color red.
  • Dunamis is a former street fighter. Through a series of dreams, he came to know Jesus. He is the color green.
  • Cheetah was a part of a program that spliced the genes of soldiers with various animals. Like Seth, he was once loyal to Lord Christopher. His conversion was instrumental in Seth's conversion. He is the color orange.
  • Semeyawi is the latest member of the The Anointed 7. She replaces Simeon. She is Ethiopian, and is an enhanced soldier with powers and abilities that were present before she ever became "anointed." She is the color indigo.

When and how did you get the inspiration for super heroes powered by God?

I used to draw comic books as a kid. I stopped, but years later I started drawing again. When I became a believer in Christ, I felt inspired to make Christian comic books. It seemed like a natural progression.

Do these heroes have secret identities, or are they more like the judges of the Old Testament where this is their full-time duty now?

They do not have secret identities. They are a renegade team, operating outside the detection of Lord Christopher. They do this full time.

Are there denomination-based conflicts between the characters, or are they in full agreement with each other? (For example, would a Catholic hero and a Pentecostal hero have debates on how to do certain things?)

The characters are new believers who have come to faith as a direct result of the apocalyptic world around them. Denominations have never been discussed.

Do God and/or Satan play any role in the stories as active characters?

Yes, very much so. The main antagonist (Lord Christopher) is very similar to the anti-christ, and is a servant of Satan. The Anointed 7 get their anointing from God.

Are The Anointed 7 a "new thing" in the world they occupy, or has God continued creating super-powered protectors since the days of Samson?  And if new, what kind of threat happened that instigated this reinstitution of super-powered protectors?

They are new, but there are others who are constantly emerging, although with different abilities. The scenario for the Kingdom Comics universe is that a supernatural God-like character has risen, and has taken over the world. In doing so, he has eradicated all opposition, in particular Christians who see him for who he is. Out of this environment, God raised up The Anointed 7.

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