POTUS Thump Takes Best Book Prize by a Hare

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POTUS Thump Best Book 2017

The Best Book category was probably one of the closest, most hotly contested races of the entire Best of 2017 awards. And why shouldn't it be? Every nominee was an excellent title, as we let the genres and styles all battle it out for a single trophy. The YA and the SF, the adult books vs. the kids books -- if it had pages and was bound, it was a book and thus eligible for nomination.

When the dust settled, it was hard to tell the winner at first. The top five were clearly included Gerald Welch's SHATTERED PROPHECY (the latest in THE LAST WITNESS saga). However, pinning him down was David J. Pedersen's BURNING WITH ANGST (of Pedersen's ANGST series).

Facing a tie for second place were Joshua David Bellin's FREEFALL and Brandon Mull's DRAGONWATCH, each of which took a whopping 36 percent of the votes.

click to enlargeBut eking out a win against all predictions and impossible odds was a fuzzy little bunny named Thump -- POTUS Thump, for those who haven't met him. He's the central character in TIMOTHY LIM and MARK PELLEGRINI's children's political satire, THUMP: THE FIRST BUNDRED DAYS, which converts all the headlines and events from the 2016 campaign season and distills them into a world of funny animals.

Critical Blast received an official presidential statement from Timothy Lim on behalf of the leading lepus:

"The fictional president @POTUSThump says he is HOPPY and honored to receive the Critical Blast award for Best Book, and would like to thank @BrettRSmith76 for spearheading such a YUGE project on behalf of all Adorables!"

Congratulations to all involved in this project!

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