DC and WB Games Tease New Mobile Game: DC UNCHAINED

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DC and WB Games take a classic RPG style game and give it a makeover to appeal to its fans.

In the landscape of mobile gaming, much like in cinema, Marvel is pumping out games left and right while DC seems to have no real vision. If you do a search for Marvel in Google Play or iTunes you may find yourself with several options:

Marvel Puzzle Quest
Marvel Contest of Champions
Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Avengers Academy...

...and yes, you'll even find Marvel Pinball. There was even a time when a Marvel branded Tsum Tsum game was available but at the time of this article it appears to have disappeared from the Google Play Store.

For DC, on the other hand, you end up with DC Legends: Battle for Justice and two versions of INJUSTICE (which is a console game that has been stripped down to fit on mobile).

Now, in a viral marketing campaign that encourages people to pre-register to earn rewards at launch, DC and WB Games is giving us


Their website doesn't offer a whole lot of insight as of yet, other than it's an RPG style mobile game that allows you to challenge other players in addition to playing the story mode. What it does offer, is a digital comic featuring Harley Quinn and The Flash as each of them experiences strange happenings. Harley Quinn is attacked by Parademons, while the Flash notices some trouble with the Speedforce.

There are a few screenshots available that show some of the gameplay and what looks to be a few cut scenes, but it doesn't offer a lot in the form of context. Some of the rewards you can gain through pre-registering are gold, gems, "Valorium" tickets, "cover" tickets, "recruitment card" tickets, and stamina potions.

As with most mobile games of this nature, you'll probably be able to grind out missions and reach achievements to obtain those rewards organically. However if you want to be really successful you'll need to fork over a sum of real money.

Which is expected and how these companies make money off of "free" games and content. It's just a matter of how difficult they make it to grind for your favorite characters. I've played DC Legends and as much as I'd love to get my hands on Superman, there's no way its going to happen unless I fork over some money.

The pre-registration reward period is going on now and you'll get rewards for sharing videos and a special url tied to your email. Anyone who clicks the url and pre-registers will give you credit towards additional rewards. It's kind of like a pyramid scheme to get rewards and help market the game at the same time.

Currently there's no information on when the game plans to be available for download.

There are a ton of opportunities to create mobile games featuring some of our favorite comic book characters. All you need to do is look at some of the industry's most popular games and put a DC or Marvel skin on it. It won't take much for fanboys to ditch Candy Crush or Bubble Pop for something more comic book themed. What games out there would you like to see themed with comic book characters?