Catching Up: The Flash Episode 420, "Therefore She Is"

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The Flash - Therefore She Is

Paralleling and mirroring the structure of episode 407, "Therefore I Am," this episode, "Therefore She Is," tells the story of The Thinker's wife, Marlize (KIM ENGELBRECHT) -- aka The Mechanic, although we've never really heard her referenced as such in the series. Through flashbacks we see how she met Clifford DeVoe (NEIL SANDILANDS), fell in love with him, found him to be a sociopath with an agenda, and came around to his way of thinking -- a Luddite view of technology that sees it as killing mankind.

This relates to "The Enlightenment" that DeVoe has been planning, and it ties into the Thinking Cap accident experienced by Harrison Wells (TOM CAVANAGH) which continues to erode his intelligence. DeVoe wishes to "enlighten" mankind of its burden of intelligence, making the world forget how to use technology. Well, everyone but himself. After all, a world of infants needs a nanny.

In an effort to help Cisco (CARLOS VALDES) vibe information on DeVoe's plan, Team Flash agrees to a plan to double his capabilities by enlisting the aid of Gypsy (JESSICA CAMACHO) from Earth-19. This works, but not fully, as the two breachers can't get on the same page related to the turmoil in their personal relationships and the status of Cisco's job offer from Gypsy's father, who is awaiting an answer. The two need counseling, and Barry (GRANT GUSTIN) thinks he's learned enough from his own marriage counseling with Iris (CANDICE PATTON) that he can be their mediator.

As The Thinker gathers the final pieces of his puzzle, Marlize is forced to see the man she married in a different light. The plan is more than she bargained for, and the loss of innocent life is intolerable to her. As I have been thinking for some time, the secret to The Thinker's undoing wasn't going to come from Team Flash but from within Team Thinker -- something Marlize makes incredibly clear at this episode's climax.

Other things of note in this episode:

  • Caitlin Snow (DANIELLE PANABAKER) continues to seek ways to bring Killer Frost out of her latency. There is no dark matter found in Caitlin's system, but the cryogenic genetic anomalies are still there. This surmises that there are metas that do not require the dark matter to activate their genetic potential, which would be contrary to the comic book physics of the series. She believes a jolt of adrenaline would do the trick, but that requires danger. Look for Caitlin to weild a cold gun later in this episode.
  • Harrison Wells, still losing his intelligence at a rapid pace, is asked to keep Cecile Horton (CANIELLE NICOLET) busy so that Joe (JESSE L MARTIN) and others can plan her surprise baby shower -- it being extremely difficult to surprise Cecile since her pregnancy-induced mind-reading capabilities set in. These abilities come in handy, however, when helping Harry, as she can see his thoughts before they vanish and write them down, helping him keep on track and solve the problem of what The Thinker is planning.
  • Finally, we have a meeting with Mystery Girl (JESSICA PARKER KENNEDY), who makes a delivery to the baby shower. She blurts out that it looks like the baby will arrive "21 days from tonight" -- coincidentally the night of the season finale. It's curious that Cecile doesn't hear her thoughts -- especially when she vanishes when nobody's looking to avoid a face-to-face with Iris. She's just around the corner, however, and when she leaves -- she leaves in a streak of lightning.

Yes, Mystery Girl is a speedster. Can there be any doubt left that she is Dawn Allen from the future, the daughter of The Flash?

Only three episodes to go. The Thinker has gone from being someone who was a super scary planner to just another would-be world-beater with an array of super powers. He still needs The Flash, however, for some future pursuit, so he doesn't try to kill him when he has the opportunity. Maybe there's still a little forethought and planning left in this character.


3.5 / 5.0