Hortons, Here's a Poo!

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Here's a tip to restaurant owners out there: If someone needs to use your restroom, let them.

A woman visiting a Langley, BC Tim Hortons apparently had Number Two as her priority Number One. So much so that when she was allegedly denied access to the restaurant's facilities, she laid her burdens down (so to speak) right there on the floor, before proceeding to wipe with a handful of napkins.

I've been to Tim Hortons.

Those napkins aren't soft enough for that.

The woman then threw her feces at the store clerk. And up til this point she seemed to be at least clean about it. I mean, c'mon. She used napkins!

Fortunately, the woman was arrested shortly thereafter, because the RCMP always get the guilty potty.

Meanwhile, the clerks remained inside, because they had shit to do. Literally.

(Tim Hortons confirms that you don't have to be a customer to use their restrooms, although some doors may have locks. Hat Tip to @DianaG2772!)