Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns after 4 years

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During San Diego Comic Con, there was a panel to celebrate the 10th anniversary of STAR WARS: CLONE WARS.  The panel ended with one hell of a surprise: 4 years after being cancelled, CLONE WARS IS BACK!  According to Gamespot, "Fans got their first look at an older Anakin, Obi-Wan, Rex, and Ahsoka in a new SDCC trailer, which you can watch below. A total of 12 new episodes of the animated series are officially coming to Disney's upcoming streaming service."

Star Wars confirmed this on their Twitter feed:  Star Wars: #TheCloneWars. Reporting in for another tour of duty. #CloneWarsSaved #SDCC #SDCC18

This is surprising news!  THE CLONE WARS's cancellation came pretty suddenly, and there were quite a few storylines left open, even after they did an abbrevated sixth season on Netflix.  A lot of fans consider THE CLONE WARS to be some of the best STAR WARS in decades, so it is great to see them getting to finally give the show the ending it deserves.