Lucifer: The Complete Third Season on DVD

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You did it, Lucifans!

After Critical Blast broke the news that the box art had been changed for LUCIFER's third season to remove the "final" reference, hope was renewed that everyone's favorite little devil wasn't going to be condemned to the pit of cancellation.

Now that the orgies and exultations are over, celebrating LUCIFER's fourth season coming soon, we can sit back and re-watch the third season without all the anxiety about what loose plot threads might not get wrapped up.

And to thank all the Lucifans that swarmed us with #SaveLucifer tweets, we'd like to give something back: the opportunity to win this copy of LUCIFER: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON on DVD.

Unlike Lucifer, we don't trade in favors. We already owe you, so we're not going to take your soul or put you on some sort of infernal retainer to get this set. No, all you have to do is choose one (or more, or all -- really, you can feel free to overindulge) of the options below and you'll be entered for a chance to win this lovely little box. (It is suggested you read the rules and regulations first, but really, what kind of a free spirit would be bogged down by legal mumbo jumbo, right?)

So what are we waiting for? Let's get right on it!

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