Season Three On The Way

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Game Jab Is Coming Back!
Season Three is coming and yes it has been waaaaaay too long and we feel the hurt from it but it was well needed for us. So what will be new and what should you expect from us in this brand new toe  sucking Season?
Before I get to that let me leave you at a cliffhanger here to say we are sorry it has taken us so long to start up Season Three, we didn't lose interest in the channel, if anything me, Kevin and Bryan keep talking about it and watching old episodes and everyone keeps whining about how much they miss doing the show. There has been a lot of complications with Season Three when it comes to finances and studio upgrades and we plan to come back with a bang and a new yet familiar format that will keep the audience wanting to come back for more.  
As you know we are partnered up with our sister site Critical Blast and they have been kind enough to host all of our content on their site to help promote and generate a more suitable audience for us as well as us returning the favor but our show didn't fully stand up to the content on their site so we decided to tweak the show to make it more involved as a video game news source and at the same time keep our channel as a Let's Play channel. YouTube is really no longer a point of interest for us as YouTube seems to keep boning all it's content creators in the rear and we want you to know we are not releasing content for fame or money but just because it's fun and we enjoy the interaction with those who supported us through out the years.
On the technical side of things I am currently looking for another computer to record and edit our episodes, I'm thinking about going back to Apple iMac because Windows 10 is a dirty unforgiving slug that can't seem to move or operate fast enough when given the proper gear to help it move lightening fast. It's a waste of money and there is no consistent progress with Windows and as the editor of the show I will have none of that lurking around here as a liability just waiting to happen on my end.
On the budget side of things I have been having a bit of an issue with finances lately due to my recent divorce and paying for attorneys and what not and I'll spare you the sad and depressing details but my new job has been providing me with enough income to help provide the money we need to start the show again. In the beginning was was wanting to turn the show into a talk show based on video games and then release a part two of the episode as the Let's Play segment and it's still an interesting idea but I'm not gonna do that anymore.
The show will still have Zach and Kevin in it but Bryan will be making a return in the show as well as some other guests and we plan on expanding Game Jab into something bigger with different spin off shows. We will include a new show that will be directed towards a more adult audience called Game Stab as well as a podcast talking about other video game related topics that we can't fully cover on the show and the podcast will be called Game Blab. 
So all in all you are getting three shows now. 
1. Game Jab - Original Show (YouTube & Critical Blast)
2. Game Stab  - New show for an adult audience (YouTube & Critical Blast)
3. Game Blab - Audio Podcast (YouTube, Critical Blast and hopefully iTunes)
That's all I can give you for now but check back in later for new updates.