Suicide Squad Loses Another in the Sink Atlantis Finale

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Aquaman 40

Task Force X has been sent to Atlantis, recently risen from the ocean floor, to nuke it back to the sea bottom. Or have they?

It certainly seems that way, as Lord Satanus and Master Jailer break into the chamber of magical treasures of Atlantis, being the best place to detonate the bomb. But the rest of the Suicide Squad has decided this isn't the best move, orders from Amanda Waller be damned, and they're trying to break through the barriers that separate them so they can stop the explosion. And, hey, because this is Aquaman's book (AQUAMAN #40), he even gets a few lines in, as well as some fighting.

What ensues is some Harley Quinn fourth-wall randomness, a game of "Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got The Bomb?" and some quick grief therapy for Killer Croc who's gone completely nihilistic with the loss of The Enchantress. Oh yeah, and Harley has a secret sub-mission that she just remembered.

Dan Abnett spins a fine yarn, in a story that sets Queen Mera up to be a formidable force in the world of DC Universe politics. And if you think she's going to butt heads with Amanda Waller, you may just be surprised at the inevitable meeting of these two powerful ladies. Joe Bennett and Vicente Cifuentes do some solid linework, although the coloring sees to flatten out a lot of the details. I also enjoy seeing Dolphin among the Aqua-team, but I miss her original look of denim cutoffs, but that just comes from having been there when it happened.

4.0 / 5.0