Voltron: Legendary Defender's 8th and FINAL Season Trailer Debut

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Every battle. Every challenge. Every character arc. Every episode has led to this, the 8th and FINAL season of VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER!

For eight seasons we have watched this re-imagination of the classic animated series exceed expectations. The character development, while demonstrating a love for the original series, has allowed the paladins to grow into themselves organically. The trailer offers no dialogue but delivers the synthesized music we've come to love, as it flashes images across the screen to offer a glimpse of what we can expect. First shown at the New York City Comic-Con, you can now watch the trailer for the upcoming epic finale to what has been one of the best re-imagined shows in recent memory.

Get ready to roar into action with Keith, Alura, Hunk, Pidge, Lance, and the whole gang as they prepare for their final battle, against the forces of evil, for the safety of the entire universe!

The 8th and FINAL season of VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER is sure to blow you away!