Wakanda Forever: Chadwick Boseman Takes Best Film Actor for 2018

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Best Film Actor 2018 Chadwick Boseman Critical Blast Awards

While it's been the norm for actors in superhero films to rank highly in our annual "Best Of" Awards, as decided by the readers of CriticalBlast.com, this year's crop of nominees saw most of the costumed actors take a backseat to talent like RAMI MALEK (BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY) and CHRISTIAN BALE (VICE). And to be sure, we had some strong showings by TOM HARDY (VENOM) as well as JASON MOMOA and AMBER HEARD (AQUAMAN), proving our readers aren't tired of the superhero genre yet.

But the winner of this year's Best Film Actor for 2018 went, rather unsurprisingly, to the lead actor in the hotly anticipated and roundly lauded Marvel Cinematic Universe film, BLACK PANTHER. CHADWICK BOSEMAN took on the role of Prince Tchalla of the technologically advanced society of Wakanda, and gave the MCU a whole new cultural facet. His dedication to the role, and his riveting portrayal definitely resonated with the fans, and it is they who decided he deserves our award this year for the Best Film Actor of 2018. Congratulations, Chadwick Boseman!