Cyberfrog is Officially Late. Or Is It?

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Cyberfrog by Ethan Van Sciver

To date, there's only one comic book hero who, at the mere utterance of his name, has the ability to evoke either dreamlike awe or cold fury from the comics fan who hears it. His name is CyberFrog, and he's the creation of comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver.

Originally created in the 90s, CyberFrog is finding new life through an Indiegogo project which has drawn acclaim for its detailed preview artwork, and criticism for it being behind its self-imposed schedule. To date, CYBERFROG: BLOODHONEY is eight months behind. If this were a car, it would be repossessed by now.

But this is a crowdfunded project, a new beast that operates under new rules. One of those rules is that schedules are adhered to in a 'wibble-wobble, timey-wimey' sort of way. A Wharton research project on crowdfunding found that "just 25% of surveyed projects delivered rewards by their Estimated Delivery Date."  And that's from Kickstarter's own blog, asking the question, Is Lateness Failure?

Our video analysis of this project stacks up CYBERFROG against other crowdfunded comics, from mainstream creators B. Clay Moore, Richard Pace, and Zoe Quinn. What we found may have us redefining the borders of when something is late or when it's merely "behind schedule."