Country Faith Hymns Volume 2

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Country Faith Hymns Volume 2

Perhaps one of the things that sets country artists apart from pop ones beyond just the style of their genre is that country artists will almost invariably -- and comfortably -- cross over into the gospel genre. In the past, some pop stars would release an album or two, most notably Elvis Presley, and it was common for R&B singers to have some gospel in their repertoire. But by and large it's the country artists who find church music in their roots and carry it forward into their own music.

COUNTRY FAITH HYMNS VOLUME 2 is a recent such album, a catalog of classic church hymns performed by country artists both legendary and contemporary. And, for the most part, done in a manner that is refreshingly not overproduced or reinterpreted. Brad Paisley's "When We All Get To Heaven" and Charley Pride's "The Church in the Wildwood" are done so faithfully that anyone who knows them can instantly join in like any standard congregational. The same holds true for Wade Hayes version of "In Christ Alone" or Randy Travis's "Peace in the Valley."

Perhaps the only jarring exception to this pattern is T. Graham Brown's "Just a Closer Walk With Thee." Not only is this particular song given a more up-tempo allegro, Brown takes the liberty of persistently changing the lyrics from "Grant it Jesus is my plea" to "Grant it Father is my plea." It's noticeable and -- for those intimately familiar with the song -- a tad annoying, but musically enjoyable.

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