Apex: Legends Leaked Cinematic and Game Play Trailers Destroy Fortnite

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Everything you've ever seen in Fortnite just got destroyed by a 2-minute trailer for the second season of Apex: Legends.

The cinematic trailer features action sequences, executions, humor, and DRAGONS! Fans of Apex: Legends have been concerned about the lack of frequent Fortnite-style updates because that's all they knew before Apex. Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that they refuse to 'crunch' their employees to push out updates that may only last a week before being vaulted.

The wait was worth it.

Making her debut in the leaked season 2 trailer, Wattson snipes Octane before noticing a problem that turns into a chaotic scene of dragons and leviathans invading the island. We've already been teased with dragons carrying death boxes that they'll drop if shot. But with an influx of dragons with Leviathans stomping their way across the map, players will have to battle the elements along with other squads.

The trailer also includes brilliant animation that makes the world feel more alive as the characters race across the map and interact with each other. Building out the lore and telling an ongoing story is something many players hope to see as new characters get released. One thing that separates Apex: Legends from the rest of the pack is unique skill sets and personalities for each character. The cinematic animation and voice talent breathes life into the game and now all we can hope for is more content in the future.

As the game matures, expect to see even greater advances as Respawn is fully committed to providing the best squad based, battle royale, free-to-play game on the market. If they keep producing animated shorts like this trailer, though, it won't be long before fans of the game start demanding a series.

Season 2, aptly named "Battle Charge" features a new character (Wattson) and a new weapon (L-Star) along with emotes that can be used while dropping onto the map. Season 2 will also introduce ranked play with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Apex Predator ranks to be handed out based on performance. A game that many felt had started to die out, is about to break Twitch as streamers will no doubt flood their streams with gameplay videos to experience the new and improved Apex: Legends.

With dragons locked in cages, flying around the map, and Leviathans wreaking havoc as they move about Kings Canyon will "never be the same".

Apex: Legends season 2 launches on Tuesday, July 2nd. While these trailers are leaked, you can visit the official YouTube channel for Apex: Legends (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThSKocfe5QE) to watch them launch with potential follow-up videos to explain season 2 in more detail.

Here are the leaked videos in all of their glory!