Superman Returns! Brandon Routh Will Fly Once Again!

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Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Brandon Routh again!

At San Diego Comic-Con, producers for The CW have announced that for it's upcoming "Crisis on Infinite Earth's" crossover, we'll get to see Brandon Routh return as Superman! While The CW already has a Superman in Tyler Hoechlin, he is currently on an asteroid colonized by Kryptonians raising his child with Lois Lane. 'Crisis' will allow them to open the doors to a lot of different possibilities; including the merging of Supergirl's Earth with the Arrowverse.

Since they've been able to open portals with the click of a button, at this point why keep the Earth's separate? Let them merge. Including Batwoman, who can take the place of the departing Arrow as the brooding hero.

Nobody can play hopelessly optimistic like Brandon Routh and that's just what the Arrowverse needs. It's not likely he'll stick around as Superman, but it'll be a fun way to play with all that the universe has to offer. During the 'Invasion' crossover event, Routh's Ray Palmer told Supergirl she looked like his cousin. This offered a little fan service to those that enjoyed the Bryan Singer directed, Donnerverse connected, Superman: Returns.

Unfortunately, Superman Returns was one of the worst Superman movies to date. As a jealous Superman stalks Lois Lane and uses his powers to spy on her relationship, she's raising his child while poisoning the superboy with a kryptonite inhaler to keep him from using his powers. Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor was probably the only thing worth enjoying about the flick.

Hopefully, The CW finds a better use for Routh as Superman and he actually throws a punch.