Arrow's Plot-Packed Seventh Season Lands on Blu-ray

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Arrow Season 7

The seventh season of ARROW brings with it echoes of the Green Arrow movie idea that was tossed around in the late 1990s. SUPERMAX was teased as a film about a superhero who gets incarcerated in a maximum security prison with the people he helped put there. It was later revealed that superhero was going to be Green Arrow, but the movie never made it out of development.

Now in ARROW we get a taste of what that movie might have been, as Oliver Queen (STEPHEN AMELL) is arrested for his activities as the Green Arrow under a plea deal that allowed the rest of Team Arrow -- including his wife, Felicity (EMILY BETT RICKARDS) -- to walk free. But while Oliver's new identity is Inmate 4587, a new Green Arrow has taken to the streets, one whose identity remains a mystery to all.

Even in prison, Oliver becomes a force for justice, tracking down and taking down a corruption at the highest level that uses prisoners for sadistic psychological testing. And while Oliver fights on the inside, D.A. Laurel Lance (KATIE CASSIDY) helps Felicity to find the legal recourse that will get Oliver his freedom -- all while Felicity seeks ultimate vengeance on the deadly Ricardo Diaz (KIRK ACEVEDO).

Once released, the Green Arrow and Team Arrow take their crimefighting in a different direction. Much to the chagrin of the police chief, they become a fully deputized branch of the Star City Police Department, where they use their specialized experience to take down criminals beyond the capabilities of the standard police. But even that is fraught with hazards, particularly when they go off the script to take down an terrorist outfit, headed by the new Green Arrow -- Oliver's newly discovered half-sister, Emiko Queen (SEA SHIMOOKA) -- that results in the death of two security guards; deaths that could have been avoidable if the team hadn't brought in an unsanctioned outsider, Roy Harper (COLTON HAYNES). 

Of course this season also had the amazingly cool Elseworld's crossover, and you can watch the whole thing on the Blu-ray version (but only the ARROW episode on the Digital copy). The price for Elseworlds comes around to be paid with the final episode of the season, when the Monitor comes to collect, leaving fans to wonder how the eight season (already announced as only a half -- and final -- season will continue without the title character).

Adding to the speculation about this years Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, this season's episodes were split between present day and the future, where the son and daughter of Green Arrow come together to save The Glades from being destroyed by a corrupt developer, who has Mayor Rene Ramirez (RICK GONZALEZ) in his pocket, and is using Archer security technology developed by the missing Felicity Smoak to pursue his agenda.

This Blu-ray release includes outtakes from 2019's DC TV San Diego Comic-Con panel, a look at the motivations of DC's super-villains, a look at the making of the annual crossover event, and a gag reel.


Disc One Disc Two Disc Three Disc Four

701. Inmate 4587

702. Longbow Hunters

703. Crossing Lines

704. Level Two

705. The Demon

706. Due Process

Special Feature: SDCC 2018

707. The Slabside Redemption

708. Unmasked

709. Elseworlds: Hour One

710  Elseworlds: Hour Two

711. Elseworlds: Hour Three

Special Feature: Inside the Crossover: Elsweworlds

712. My Name is Emiko Queen

713. Past Sins

714. Emerald Archer

715. Star City Slayer

716. Brothers & Sisters

717. Training Day

718. Star City 2040

Special Feature: Villains: Modes of Persuasion

719. Inheritance

720. Lost Canary

721. Spartan

722. Confessions

723. Living Proof

724. You Have Saved This City

Special Feature: Gag Reel