Mean Girls 15th Anniversary on Blu-ray

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Mean Girls 15th Anniversary

Has it really been 15 years since Lindsay Lohan and Tina Fey introduced us to The Plastics and the Burn Book? Time has really flown -- but the girls have never looked better than in this 15th anniversary Blu-ray, celebrating this milestone event.

Being the fashion-conscious person you are, you naturally must own this. But you don't have to tell your friends you won it from us -- it'll be our secret. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules (and we do have rules) -- but they're, like, super easy. You can visit our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, or do some Twitter things. Any and all of them will add entries for you and increase the chances that your name will be selected at random as our winner.

So get to clicking below -- and remember: On Wednesdays we wear pink!


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