TCM Brings Margaret O'Brien, "Meet Me In St. Louis" to St. Louis

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Ben Mankiewicz and Margaret O'Brien for TCM in St. Louis

It's the third year that Turner Classic Movies has held their "Bring TCM to Your Hometown" contest, and for the Gateway to the Midwest, the third time was the charm. After what the network termed an "overwhelming response" from St. Louis residents, TCM prepared to bring the classic MGM film, MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS" for a free screening at the historic Tivoli Theatre.

But it wasn't just a free movie the town was getting. TCM host Ben Mankiewicz escorted film star Margaret O'Brien for the event, to make the screening all the more special for fans.

The screening, which will be held on September 26, was preceded by a media event, wherein Mankiewicz and O'Brien both were available for Q&A sessions. Critical Blast was privileged to be selected for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we hope you will enjoy the results of our interview.