"Awake" a Sleepy Thriller

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Awake DVD

When a car is forced off the road and the driver awakens with head trauma and amnesia, he arouses the curiosity of the nurse taking care of him. But this John Doe (JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS) may just be a hunted serial killer who's been leaving a trail of dead young women throughout the Midwest. The lead FBI investigator (MALIK YOBA) thinks they've got their man, but Nurse Diana (FRANCESCA EASTWOOD) sees something in the injured amnesiac that leads her to believe he's innocent -- even if he did have the latest victim trussed up in the trunk of the car he wrecked.

When Karen helps John escape the clutches of the law to prove his innocence, flashes of his lost memories begin to return, making it quite possible he really is the serial killer everyone claims him to be.

AWAKE is a sleepy little thriller that doesn't get your blood pumping too much. The twists you would expect are ones you can see coming from shortly after the opening credits, and the chemistry between Meyers and Eastwood is close to nonexistent. After the initial car crash, the plot becomes mostly sedate, and the lines are delivered with a wooden ennui that puts the audience into such a malaise they risk missing the ending.

3.0 / 5.0