Escape to Margaritaville by Way of St. Louis

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Escape to Margaritaville

The national tour of Escape to Margaritaville has arrived at the Fabulous Fox Theatre for an all too brief weekend run, October 18-20, 2019. If you're a true Parrothead, as Jimmy Buffett fans are known, you probably already have tickets. If you don't, or you're on the fence about it, I strongly recommend giving it a try. The show is quite fun and you'll surely know at least one of the songs by heart. 

Tammy (Shelly Lynn Walsh) from Cincinnati is about to get married to Chadd (Noah Bridgestock)--yes, with two ds, and yes, you should hate him already--so she's taking one last vacation with her gal pal Rachel (Sarah Hinrichsen), a career-minded scientist trying to secure funding for a new potato-based energy source, to Margaritaville. Located on a volcanic island in the Caribbean, they arrive at their hotel and quickly catch the eyes of Tully Mars (Chris Clark), a singer and guitar player in the hotel bar, and his buddy Brick (Peter Michael Jordan), the bartender. They also encounter J.D. (Patrick Cogan) a local beach bum with a knack for losing things and Marley (Rachel Lyn Fobbs), the hotel manager. Flirting ensues, familiar songs are song, love is lost and found in various ways. 
The leads are excellent. Clark and Hinrichsen have good chemistry on stage and sounded terrific together singing "A Pirate Looks at 40." Clark and Jordan performed an excellent and heartfelt rendition of "He Went to Paris." Walsh was triumphant with "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Jordan absolutely killed it with a surprising tap dance number--he reminded me of James Corden in a way. Cogan led the audience into everyone's favorite Buffett song and probably didn't need to say more than, "Nibblin' on sponge cake" and let the audience take over from there.
There's no gut-wrenching conflict and it doesn't reinvent the genre, so if you're looking for high drama and intensity you've clearly never listened to Jimmy Buffett. The entire show is based on his fun, lighthearted songbook, filled with takes of seaside romance, wannabe pirates, and liberal libations all around. After the drudgery of another work week, a light and lively production such as Escape to Margaritaville is just what Doc Buffett ordered!
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5.0 / 5.0