Catching Up: The Flash Episode 605, "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach"

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The Flash 605 Kiss Kiss Breach Breach

As the Crisis looms, Barry (GRANT GUSTIN) has been preparing the members of Team Flash for life without him. And key to doing that is...

...taking a beach vacation with Iris (CANDICE PATTON). Which means it's time for another episode of Everybody But Flash.

Realizing he will have to make difficult decisions as future team leader, Cisco (CARLOS VALDES) had developed the B.A.R.I. -- an AI system that thinks like Barry Allen to help him know the right thing to do. (Because a computer system that knows what The Flash would do in any given situation could never be used for ill intent in the wrong hands.) 

With the focus on Vibe and his new girlfriend, Kamilla (VICTORIA PARK), we learn something new about Cisco: that he hasn't told her he loves her, even though he's sleeping with her. Oh, that, and he's been sleepwalking lately.

So when Breacher (DANNY TREJO) shows up in their bedroom, with the sad news that Gypsy has been killed by the villainous, mysterious Echo she'd been tracking, Cisco and Kamilla go to investigate the scene of the crime, with law enforcement from Earth-19 already there. They learn of the weapon that was used, one that completely incinerated Gypsy (and you know what they say in comics about deaths where there is no body left over). 

But Vibe has to investigate without his powers, which he gave up when he took the metahuman cure. And Breacher has aged out of his. So they use an artificial vibration device to replicate their powers and see what happened in real time at the moment of Gypsy's murder. (With the breach devices in everyone's hands, and this new device, just how special was Vibe in the first place?)

The vision shows them something they didn't know before -- the face of Echo. Guess what: It's Cisco Ramon. Now Cisco has to prove his innocence, or surrender to the Earth-19 authorities...or Breacher's knife!


Caitlin Snow (DANIELLE PANABAKER) tries to tell Ramsey Rosso (SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY) that being a vampire is a bad thing and he should stop. He doesn't, and takes her out but lets her live.

Joe West (JESSE L MARTIN) tracks the newest Harrison Wells (TOM CAVANAGH) to an underground tunnel that collapses on them. They begin to run out of air until rescued by Ralph Dibney (HARTLEY SAWYER).

And everyone and their brother talks about having faith in themselves and each other.

As everything builds to the Crisis, an opportunity was missed here to really ratchet up the tension. Breacher leaves at the end of the episode through another warp. If I were the writer, it would be at this point that Breacher would have screamed and been disintegrated by a wave of whiteness, similar to what we saw disolve all of Earth-2 in ARROW. But chalk that up to a missed opportunity.

Oh, and Harrison Wells? The wizard? He says he has a plan to save Barry Allen. Stay tuned.

3.5 / 5.0