Mars Lightcon Game for Xbox One: Voyage of the Dead

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Load up and get ready to your game monitor.

Critical Blast is giving away one package of Mars Lightcon's IR shooter game, VOYAGE OF THE DEAD, which includes:

  • a low-power IR laser for unmatched precision
  • functionality on any display: SD, HD, 4K, and projectors
  • support for up to 4 players
  • a MARS IR STATION (camera), MARS LIGHTCON (lightgun), and digital copy of the game (2 AA Batteries needed for lightgun/not included

Yes, you saw that right -- and since it supports up to 4 players, we'll help you get on your way with that, by including a second Mars Lightcon lightgun, so you can get to competing with your friends and partners right after the unboxing.

So here's what you have to do: First, be aware of our rules and regulations for our contests. Second, check out the form below, and pick the ways you want to enter. You can pick one, or you can pick all! You can even take one of the options every day of the week to maximize your chance of winning!

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