Catching Up: The Flash Episode 608, "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 2"

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Flash 608

On the eve of the impending Crisis, Central City has its darkest night. Bloodwork (SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY) is making fast work of turning the citizens into mindless zombies -- fast work because he has a fast friend: he's infected Barry Allen (GRANT GUSTIN), aka The Flash.

But all is not lost as Black Lantern Flash... I mean, Dark Flash... helps terrorize the city. Because it turns out, Barry had a plan all along. And while Bloodwork has infected Barry, Barry in turn has infected Bloodwork, able to resist some of the commands and surreptitiously get coded communications to Iris (CANDICE PATTON) and Cisco (CARLOS VALDES), clueing them into just what needs to be done to defeat Bloodwork and save the city. It all hinges on the particle accelerator -- which also figues into Bloodwork's plans for infecting the entire city at once -- and newcomer to the team, Allegra (KAYLA COMPTON) and her radio wave powers.

But first Allegra and Cecile (DANIELLE NICOLET) must escape a building full of zombies, unscathed and uninfected. Cecile has her empathic abilities overloaded by the fear emanating from all the zombies, and Allegra remembers that Dr. Rosso -- Bloodwork -- needed his victims to feel afraid before he killed them for the infection to truly take hold. This should be the first sign that Barry will be okay, because when he was infected -- even when he gave himself over -- he never felt afraid.

Down in the tunnels under the city, Harrison "Nash" Wells (TOM CAVANAGH) has uncovered a doorway to The Monitor's hiding place. But before he gains entrance, he is beset by Bloodwork's mindless minions, having to fight them off or die. It's the intervention of The Monitor that saves him, and if you've seen any single CW show this week, then you know what happens next, because this denouement has been the episode closer for everything this week, including SUPERGIRL, BATWOMAN, and ARROW.

And when the clock strikes twelve on Barry's wach... the skies turn red.

The Crisis is here.

5.0 / 5.0