One Small Elf Changes the World at Stifel Theater in St. Louis

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Elf on the Shelf Christmas Musical

An optimistic scout elf is ready to bring Christmas joy and magic to the family that has adopted him. But upon his arrival he finds a single mom with her hands full with two rambunctious boys and a sullen teenaged daughter who misses her father. When the grandfather comes to visit for the Christmas holidays, bringing the Elf on the Shelf with him to start a new family tradition, his plans never seem to hit all the right notes with the kids.

It's up to Tatertot the scout elf to instill Christmas magic into this family once again. But that could be impossible, especially when he finds himself in a situation where is own magic is suddenly diminished after a roughhousing incident with the boys!

That's the plot and premise of THE ELF ON THE SHELF: A CHRISTMAS MUSICAL, a stage performance touring the country this season, and making a one-night-only appearance in St. Louis at the Stifel Theater on 1400 Market Street. The grand theater was filled with families with children, many in elf attire or pajamas, and many of whom found creative ways to bring their elves with them. (We saw one scout elf who had made himself a carry-transport out of an empty Pringles can so she could see the show!)  Utilizing projected backdrops to provide the illusion of depth, this holiday musical was perfect for younger audiences, being a two-hour performance with an intermission. The scout elves wore their recognizable red union suits (and many wore elf accessories which any elf-savvy parent has already seen available for your elf) as they sang and danced their way through the evening.

Tatertot's optimism wanes the closer it gets to Christmas, as he struggles to connect with the kids. But advice from his instructor elf inspires him to step up his game -- and maybe recognize that one small elf can't change the world...without help.

An absolutely adorable performance, brimming with seasonal sentiment and capped off with audience participation to help bring about the denouement of the story. VIP pass holders were allowed early entrance so that families could get their photos taken with a pair of scout elves against a thematic background, creating what will certainly become the Christmas card of many happy families this year.

So if you're feeling a little low on faith, hope, and love this time of year, go find yourself an elf. It may just change your world.

4.5 / 5.0