Star Wars Fans Assign "The Mandalorian" Best Broadcast Series of 2019

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Best Broadcast Series 2019 The Mandalorian Disney +

While fan response to the Disney STAR WARS films has been more starkly divided than the philosophies of the Jedi and the Sith, one thing everyone can seem to agree on is that the first ever STAR WARS live-action series, THE MANDALORIAN, is a unifying (wait for it) force. A western adventure set in another galaxy, the series is an original to the Disney Plus streaming service, and has been pleasing fans since its debut -- perhaps, in no small part, due to the presence of The Child, universally known to all as "Baby Yoda."

The streaming phenomenon has proven to be quite the competition for traditional broadcast serials, both in terms of quantity and quality, and each have offered programming in 2019 that evoked strong fan response. DC Entertainment took the lion's share of overall votes, with 45% split among DOOM PATROL, ARROW, THE FLASH, WATCHMEN and GOTHAM (which netted a Best Actor award for lead Ben McKenzie this year).

But overall and overwhelmingly the fans gravitated toward the man in the armored mask, nearly doubling the votes of second-place GOTHAM. Whatever Jon Favreau has tapped into, perhaps Disney should channel it toward the STAR WARS theatrical releases, to see if they can transfer some of that magic.

Congratulations  to all involved with this series. Clearly, The Force is with them.