The Player: Is This Gambling Series Worth Watching?

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The Player

There have been a lot of movies and television series that revolve around gambling. In most cases, these series lack an interesting storyline, and that makes them boring over time. There is a different television series that has a unique storyline but with all the gambling action jam-packed in it. 

The show is an action-packed, Vegas-set thriller called “The Player” and some wonder if it is worth watching. Here is a comprehensive review that will give you an idea of what to expect and if this gambling series is worth watching.

The Storyline

The Player is a gambling world series that has received global recognition for its unique storyline and stunning visuals produced by the production team. It is a series about gambling but not the conventional methods of placing bets at casinos but rather on the odds of criminal activities. 

The movie portrays a player who is tasked with the assignment of stopping criminal activities and millionaires bet on the odds of success. 

In the series, Alex Kane plays the role of the player, and the dealer, Cassandra King, provides all necessary resources to stop or solve the crimes. The storyline of this TV show revolves around the high stakes game of predicting the odds of the player succeeding. 

For a while, this works because the player gets unlimited resources he needs to solve or stop the crimes. The cast has famous names such as Wesley Snipes, Charity Wakefield, Philip Winchester, and Damon Gupton. The series was created by John Rogers and John Fox while distributed by Sony Pictures to more than 105 international territories.

What Inspired This Series?

You may be wondering what inspired the creation and production of this top gambling TV series. The Player was inspired by what millionaires used to call “The Game” during the Gilded Age, where these wealthy men took their gambling to the next level. Men like the Rockerfellers, Vanderbilts, 

Andrew Carnegie and the DuPonts grew bored and did not continue to play casino games that are popular today. Rather they wanted more thrilling action of gambling so these millionaires started betting on the odds of different crimes. 

The gameplay was thrilling and gave these wealthy men the entertainment they needed but it also instigated a strong gambling competitive spirit. 

Therefore, The Game started getting out of hand when gamblers started to try and influence the outcome of crimes they betted on. Therefore, the gamblers involved in The Game started aiding and abetting criminals to reach their objectives. That is when The Game started falling apart and lost much interest from those that were involved.

Is This Series Good Enough to Watch?

The Player is an exemplary gambling series that has an “out of the box” storyline manifesting excellent creative skills. The production of this series is also very beautiful and is in accordance with the latest filming trends.

If you are into shows about gambling, this one is one of the best options offered by Hollywood. It shows that there is a lot of research invested in this series and that is what makes it great and unique from others. 

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What is the Downside of The Player

If you are into casino games, this series may not be the one because the gambling action is limited to betting on the outcomes of different crimes. Therefore, if you like playing casino games online real money at stakes, it might be hard to enjoy this series. 

Another downside of this series is that it was short-lived with only 1 season with 9 episodes. Once you just start digging into the series and liking it, the storyline is cut abruptly. Also, if you are looking for pure gambling action, the series gets diluted with some drama in between. 

The drama includes the action of trying to prevent crime with guns blazing and physical fights being portrayed. If you do not mind your gambling series with some bit of action and drama on the side, this series can be enjoyable. Other than that, the series is a work of art and its fans are disgruntled by the fact that is has been canceled.

The Episodes of This TV Show

There are only 9 episodes of this series but they are fun and engaging to watch and the storyline begins right at the first episode. The first episode introduces all characters to each other. It also introduces the player, Alex to the game. As the storyline unfolds, he ends up being involved a complex situation that he must see through.

In the second episode, Alex has to bring to justice the robbers that are attacking money transport trucks. The third episode is all about stopping a Mexican cartel sniper that has a target on U.S soil. The following episode is when Alex prevents 5 assassins from killing his client’s wife. 

The series goes on with such thrilling action that millionaires bet on but that is pretty much how the storyline unfolds. You can expect episodes with thrills that is not centrally focused on gambling only. Alex prevents a lot of bad guys from carrying out their plots or crimes that could end up hurting a lot of casualties.

The Bottom Line

The Player is a great series that was short-lived but had an amazing storyline making it one of the best Hollywood gambling TV shows. It drew inspiration from The Game that was played by one of the first millionaires in the world. You can enjoy some action-filled episodes when watching The Player as Alex tries to bring bad guys to justice with millionaires betting on his odds of success.