Watertower Music Releases Lucifer Original Television Soundtrack

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Lucifer Original Television Soundtrack Seasons 1-5

If you're a dyed-in-the-wool Lucifan, you've probably already binged the first eight episodes of the fifth-and-final season of LUCIFER released on Netflix today. I mean, what more could you truly desire?

How about all the great music that we've heard these past five seasons?

Part of the charm of LUCIFER has been Tom Ellis sitting down at the piano now and again as Lucifer Morningstar, entertaining (or, sometimes, depressing) the crowds at his nightclub, Lux. And sometime later into he series, we find that Lesley-Ann Brandt -- Lucifer's right-hand demon, Mazikeen -- also sports an exquisite set of pipes, as she's allowed to strut her stuff with some sultry numbers like "Fever" and "I Want to Be Evil."

Particular highlights of this set include the duet of Brandt and Ellis performing "I Will Survive," and Ellis's emotional interpretation of Beck's "Creep" which opened up the fourth season when the show made it's Netflix debut.

The one drawback to this collection is that these are the songs exactly as they were heard on the show...which means they are abbreviated versions. One would like to hear full length versions of many of these songs from these talented performers. That said, one really doesn't need to lengthen the final track, which is Ellis riffing "Crime Solving Devil" to the rhythm of the guitar licks that have been the show's signature opening; it's funny, and works all on its own. But having Brandt end "Wonderwall" after just two minutes is almost as heartbreaking as getting just those few iconic lines of "My Way" from Ellis.

Still, for true Lucifans, this is an absolute must-have item. In fact, it may have you asking: How did we get through five seasons of LUCIFER without getting an all-musical episode?

Seasons 1-5

01. Sinnerman
02. Heart and Soul
03. All Along the Watchtower
04. Eternal Flame
05. Fever
06. Luck Be A Lady
07. I Will Survive
08. My Way
09. Creep
10. Wonderwall
11. Someone to Watch Over Me
12. I Want to Be Evil
13. Crime Solving Devil

5.0 / 5.0