We Bare Bears Get Their Own CN Movie

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We Bare Bears The Movie DVD

Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear move beyond the cartoon short form that has been their norm to headline their first Cartoon Network movie.

The bears' rush to the grand opening of food truck selling poutine leaves a trail of chaos in their wake -- and a slew of angry townspeople. Determined to make amends, the bears attempt to become popular by making the greatest viral video ever, by combining elements of every popular meme of the last twenty years. But when this ends in disastrous results, it grabs the attention of the no-nonsense Agent Trout from Fish and Wildlife. He's determined to bring the bears in and relocate them to a bear sanctuary.

And so begins the greatest road trip of all time, as the bears go on the lam in a police van, intent on crossing the border into Canada for freedom, love, and universal health care.

Along the way, they encounter rave parties for Internet celebrity animals and friendly border patrol guards. But there is ultimately no escape from Agent Trout, who is intent on putting these bears -- bears who have broken the 'natural order' of things by choosing to live near (and interact with) people -- into cages so he can send them back where they belong. For the brothers, that means more than a wildlife sanctuary: Trout plans on sending Ice Bear to the Arctic, and Panda to China.

The "bears in cages" and "deportation" themes of the bad guy may be a but unsubtle to the adult watcher, and in any other era it would probably go right over the heads of the kid audience. But given how much media children today are saturated with, it is probably likely many will see the parallels to modern immigration issues and the enforcement of immigration laws by the mean, "people-ist" Tru...er... Trout. Aside from that one diversion into messaging, however, WE BARE BEARS: THE MOVIE is a mostly fun flick with a lot of Easter egg memes peppered throughout it.

4.0 / 5.0