5 Must-See Movies About College Life

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5 Must See Movies About College Life


College years contain the best memories of a student. Besides studies, the movies you watch with your friends are cherishable and enjoyable for all. There are some fantastic movies about college life of students like PITCH PERFECT, THE SOCIAL NETWORK and many others.

Pitch Perfect

Whether you are currently studying or passed out from the college, it is always fun to look back to your memories. Movies are a good way to enjoy the good and bad times you had in your college life. A movie based on students' lives with terrifying thriller scenes and hilarious classic scenes will create a positive influence on your mood. There are numerous top-class movies that have been made on student’s college life but ‘Pitch Perfect’ stands apart from the others because of its strong storyline. You can watch ‘Pitch Perfect’, considered to be among the best college movies, with your friends because it represents the university culture. A strong storyline with focus on the female group that can conquer singing competition is the central theme of the movie. The powerful characters and amazing visual effects make the movie exciting to watch for fans. If you are a student and looking for essays on movie topics, then hiring a professional service provider like EssayWritingService is the best option available to you. A professional team of writers will ensure that you get the best results in your college coursework. Also, you will be able to contact the customer support personnel 24/7 if you have any queries related to the assignment. Remember to provide complete and accurate instructions to the writer so that your content is able to meet the requirements of the assignment.

The Social Network

The Social Network is among one of the best college movies, which has a sense of humour attached to it. This film highlights the life of a computer genius and Harvard undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg). The young graduate starts a new project and establishes a social network Facebook which generates more than billion-dollar revenue. However, after some time Jesse Eisenberg receives multiple lawsuits from former friend Eduardo (Andrew Garfield). It is an exciting and fun movie to watch with your friends as there are some amazing scenes in the movie.


The ‘Neighbors’ is one of the best movies for college students which you can watch with a bunch of your friends. It is a hilarious movie which focuses on Kelly and Mac (Rose Byrne and Seth Rogan) that have just moved into a new neighbourhood with their kid. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction until a next-door starts a war with the new parents that have just moved to a new location with their baby. With this plot and storyline, there are numerous hilarious scenes in the movie that will surely relax your mind. You will forget all your worries for a while after watching this fantastic and exciting movie. A mixture of good comedy and conflict scenes between the neighbors make this film amazing for all types of viewers specially students. So, enjoy your free time by viewing this classic movie which will surely remove all your tensions and put you in a relaxed state of mind.

The Great Debaters

The college life movies are the best to watch with your friends, colleagues and family members. ‘The Great Debaters’ is a fantastic movie which represents a true story about a professor and poet Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington). Denzel Washington creates a debate team which consists of young black students who are pursuing their education in Texas College. A strong storyline makes this movie both heartbreaking and inspiring for the audience. This fantastic story took place during the Jim-Crow era during the 1930’s period. All the characters have portrayed college life in a movie in an appealing way which delivers a positive message to the viewers.

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The Drumline is one of the best movies about college which every youngster must watch. This movie provides you with a fantastic glimpse into the life of a marching band which is working in a black college. Nick Cannon, who is a street drummer and Harlem native, is recruited into the marching band as a team lead. Nick Cannon faces challenges in leading the band and finds out that the only talent is not enough for making the mark and reaching the top. The flaws present in the system needs to be rectified, which shows favoritism towards a particular group.

The Roommate

‘The Roommate’ is an exciting thriller movie about friendship and student’s college life. The heart-stopping events present in the film make it an exciting experience for the viewers. Rebecca (Leighton Meester) makes the new roommate Sara (Minka Kelly) uncomfortable as what started as a healthy friendship turns into a battle of words. As a student you will not like to have such a roommate in your e life.

Everybody Wants Some

‘Everybody Wants Some’ movie represents the college culture of Texas. A young and energetic college freshman Jake (Blake Jenner) joins the college baseball team and makes amazing new friends. All these groups of friends show irresponsible behavior despite being warned by the coach multiple times. The amazing wardrobe and cars featuring in the movie make it exciting to watch. If you are a college student, it is a must-watch movie for you. As a youngster you will cherish every moment of the film which will make your mood lighter. Watch the movie with a group of your friends and enjoy the different moments of college life that are presented in film. You will surely enjoy the movie as it will freshen your mood.


The movies in college life are inspiring and fascinating for the students. A youngster can understand the college culture via a top-quality movie. These lists of movies will surely be a treat for you to watch. You can enjoy the exciting moments portrayed in the movies.